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Essay on Lonliness

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Of Mice And Men Of Mice And Men is a novel written by John Steinbeck during 1937. The novel is based on the lives of two characters 'George Milton and Lennie Small'. Other characters in this novel are: Candy, Curley, Curley's wife, Slim, Crooks, Carlson, Whit, The Boss and aunt Clara. In these characters, there are two women however, only one of them is seen in the novel as aunt Clara is introduced dead and the only female we see is Curley's wife whose name we don't know throughout the whole novel. We only see her as 'Curley's wife'. Due to this, some people think that Of Mice And Men is a depressing novel. In this novel, most of the characters are lonely and are alone. The loneliest person in the novel is Curley's wife because she is the only female in the novel and so, to reduce the loneliness, she goes to the ranch and flirt with them by asking "Any you boys seen Curley?" After getting the answer, "She stood still in the doorway, smiling a little at them". From this quote we can see that she has come here for something else and not to ask for Curley because she still stood there smiling at them. ...read more.


"A shot sounded in the distance." When Candy's dog died, Slim gave him a puppy and the puppy gets killed by Lennie unknowingly because he can't control his power as he is described to be "as strong as a bull". This makes the novel to be depressing because it isn't the animals fault to get killed, why do they get killed? What is their fault? The mouses get killed because Lennie like to pet them and the puppy gets killed because Lennie stroked it for fun. This makes the reader feel that the animals got killed without any reason and so, it really makes the reader feel sad. The death of Curley's Wife, puppy and the mouses are kind of linked together because the cause of their death is Lennie. He likes to pet and stroke the things which he feel nice and he did that the each one of these. Lennie is exceptionally powerful but, he never realises his strength. He thinks that everyone is like him-strong. He predominantly tries to run away from from problems however, he always does something wrong for which he gets into hot water by George. We see many people dreaming about their future but, most of them don't actually achieve it. ...read more.


As when goodness goes, badness comes, George's one dream died but the other formed. Near the start of the novel, we find out about George's dream which was "I could get along so easy and so nice if I didn't have you on my tail" is successful. He got rid of him and now, he can work on his own without even taking care of anyone. He can live peacefully forever. In conclusion, I really agree that Of Mice And Men is a depressing novel. I couldn't even imagine that someone was so close to its dream and couldn't achieve it just because one of them did something wrong. They were on the edge of achieving their dream suddenly at the eleventh hour, it flies away because Lennie killed Curley's wife. This teaches us that you should start to get the thing right when you are kid or else you can get into really hot water when you are older. No one get their dreams except the dream which was useless near the end because George never wished that later on when he was thinking about his new dream. Curley's wife was like the key in the novel. She was the only female and because of her getting lonely all this occurred and so, no one could achieve their dream. ...read more.

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