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Essay on Much Ado About Nothing

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Essay on Much Ado About Nothing Beatrice and Benedick, a match made in Heaven or Hell? This essay will concentrate on the relationship between Beatrice and Benedick. This relationship changes throughout the cause of the play. The focus of the essay will be on the characters, themes and the plot structure. Also how Beatrice and Benedick's romance changes and why it changes; and the character of Beatrice and Benedick. Shakespeare wrote the characters in this way because he wanted to make each character have a different personality and a different back ground. He wrote Beatrice as a character who didn't care about marriage because she was an orphan. Also Beatrice and Benedick insult each other in the play and the context is they use feeling less words to insult each other. The other characters adjust to what is happening in the surroundings, ie: Claudio who believes everyone except Hero the person who he supposedly loves. The characters all have different parts in the play and they play there parts very well. The language in the play is different because each character uses a different type of language according to the character. In the play it says 'merry war' this means a friendly battle and only Beatrice thinks of this language as a war but every other character knows that this is a friendly battle between Beatrice and Benedick and this is what makes them fall in love. ...read more.


The others in the play are trying to get Beatrice and Benedick together. Also the other characters realise the truth between Beatrice and Benedick and they get these two together. But Beatrice said she doesn't want to fall in love and get married because she is an orphan. So she is not bothered about marriage because every woman has to have a dowry but she hasn't got one because she has no father. So she will not have a dowry. But as the play progresses she falls in love and they get married. But before they fall in love the character of Beatrice towards Benedick is very bad because she insults him and they always argue. As Beatrice falls in love with Benedick he says, "We'll be friends first." Then Beatrice says, "In faith I will go." Benedick says, "Tarry good Beatrice. By this hand I love thee." These quotation shows that they are in love and after this they start falling in love properly and not behind love a tap which can be turned on and off. Also the other characters in the play get Beatrice and Benedick together by telling each other that Beatrice and Benedick are in love and they truly love each other, and pretend Beatrice and Benedick cannot hear them even though they know they are there. ...read more.


After Beatrice is married she never speaks in the play again. I think that this is good and bad because she will not insult or argue with Benedick. But this is not very good as well because Benedick fell in love with a woman who talked a lot and she never talks after the marriage so this may be a problem. Beatrice stops talking in the rest of the play. The audience in Shakespeare's time would have thought that this was good because a woman should be quiet, not loud. But she may be doing this only in the play. But this may be a set back because she talked a lot before and this may be something that Benedick likes or doesn't like; so she will have to adjust herself to if Benedick likes Beatrice talking a lot or not. But Beatrice was a loud mouth and this may affect the way Benedick loves her because Benedick liked a loud woman and this is one of the reasons he married her. Also this may not affect their relationship because Benedick may like Beatrice this way after marriage; so she is not flirting with other men like she used to do before her marriage. Also so there are not as may arguments as there was before marriage. I think Beatrice has realised her responsibilities as a wife and that is the reason why she doesn't speak in the play again. ...read more.

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