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Essay on Orientation Seminar in my School

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´╗┐Essay on Orientation Seminar in my School If there would be something I?d remember as one of my most memorable and significant experiences in my entire life, one of them would be, being ?Tnt?. I heard stories and even rumors of the difficulties that my friends and even seniors experienced when they used be one themselves (some until now). I?ve thought about this for a year and a few months. I?ve also tried imagining if I were to be a Tnt myself. Lo and behold! I?ve become one myself and it was really a very great experience! Being a Tnt wouldn?t have come to me without encountering a set of obstacles, hindrances, adversities, stresses and challenges I had to overcome as a person. The conflicts that I had if I were to be Tnt or not were more internal rather than external yet I aced every single bit of it with flying colors, truly being a victory for me. Thinking, remembering and reminiscing about it brings along with it some sort of inspiration, illumination and refreshment on my part which I?m happy and excited to share about. ...read more.


in preparation for 3 days of exciting and thrilling OrSem! Before those 3 days, I attended the make-up training since I would have to leave early for a speed reading session, only to find-out; it got postponed till July or August. Therefore, a chance for me to train with my fellow Tnt?s whole day! The make-up gave a glimpse of what?s in store for me in the next 3 days; something like a teaser (?synopsis?) to prompt me up and get ready. We had games, dancing, situationers, GDs (group dynamics), singing, free lunch, bonding both with the core and my co-Tnt?s as well. We got really tired and exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. One of the rules we really dread and HAD to follow was to avoid being LATE or ABSENT! This gave us reason why we should manage our time well and make the most of it so we can sleep early with all the energy we needed. If we arrive late, we would be stripped of the privilege of being a Tnt for that GIVEN day. Thinking about it, considerations had been made with that rule since last year?s summer, the moment you arrived LATE, you would forever be removed the chance of being a Tnt for that summer (OrSem) ...read more.


Luckily, when we started engaging and talking to them, that?s when we got to know a few things about them and vice versa. They were also oriented with the different departments and deans. After which, there were final reminders and they were dismissed, end of day 1. I gave it my all but day 1 was really a bad day for ALL of us since the core got mad at us. According to some freshies or the OrCom (Organizing Committee), some Tnt?s; were really low on energy, touched the freshies (another rule to follow is to NOT touch the freshies whatsoever), not dancing even though there wasn?t any music, etc. Either way, our performance needed more room for improvement and we worked on that come Day 2. This time, we were much wilder and rowdier to create more noise, evoke energy, vibrancy and entertainment for the freshies. Most likely, they were more surprised and shocked because of the energy we exerted MUCH MORE. There were more GD?s, films, talks for the freshies to introduce the Ateneo to them. Day 2 was Day 1 for the freshies? tour around the campus and Tnt?s had to be well-prepared and well-spoken with their spiels since we are ?marketing? and ?selling? Ateneo to the freshies Learning from Spiderman 1, 2 and 3 respectively; with great power comes great responsibility, ...read more.

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