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Essay on reality

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Prompt: Reality can be seen through a series of lenses Recently I attended a comedy festival and chose to go see one of the comedians' shows with a friend of mine. This specific comedian had based his jokes around making fun of different people in certain countries. I had found the entire show completely amusing- it was very entertaining. However, when I questioned my friend about how she found it she was absolutely bewildered. She had found the jokes very offensive and humiliating towards the people of the ethnic groups that were mocked. It was a surprise to me that her perception of the show was entirely different from mine. The same event we had both experienced had seemed to produce different reactions. The situation made me realise that the window through which we perceive reality cannot be objectively verified due to the subjectivity of a person's feelings, thoughts or memories. 'After you've heard two eyewitness accounts of an auto accident, you begin to worry about history,' was written by an unknown author. ...read more.


Hence reality can be seen through a series of lenses. The process of growing up in a certain environment involves the introduction of moral values whereby one's view on reality begins to form. By living in that area you grow up with views and values that are first instilled into you by your parents but then later on you are open to a wide range of views you can apply to any person, place or event. As can be seen the novel 'To Kill a Mockingbird', the young character Scout is growing up in an environment where her father, a lawyer, is defending a black man. Therefore, the character is being subjected to certain views and values that will later influence the way in which she perceives reality. Also, Robert's environment comprised of Saturday movies, bumpers, sparrows, moral agents and boiling brains and this was all part of his reality. Indeed, these themes formed the basis of Robert's reality. ...read more.


Indeed, one's own experience can affect the way in which they perceive a certain reality. It is shown that even the same event can have two conflicting realities perceived by two different people with various experiences. Though we may encounter the same event, person or place there are external and internal factors that can influence the manner in which we perceive a specific reality. The windows that allow sight into perception have numerous layers. It is impossible to view reality from an objective perspective due to the personal life we have created around us. From being a small child to an adult has shown to be a factor influencing the knowledge of reality. Therefore, along the path of our lives we are provided with certain views and values that contribute to our home and external environment and the experiences and memories we come across make a person perceive a situation in a different lens. As Bryan Singer once said, 'We don't live in a world of reality; we live in the word of how we perceive reality.' By paula ...read more.

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