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Essay on Tiger and the Lamb

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Essay on Tiger and the Lamb The tiger is evil according to Blake. Blake is asking God how he could make such an evil animal. It shows this point is saying, "Tyger, Tyger burning bright. In the forest of the night. What immortal hand or eye." This means that the tiger is the greatest animal of the forest. The tiger has the evil spirit and the tiger is made in the factories not born. The tiger is the predator of the forest; even in the darkest corners of the forest, the tiger stands out every second. Blake describes the tiger as darkness because; the tiger is an animal like darkness, "In what distant deep or skies. Burnt the fire of thine eyes." This means there is a fire lit in darkness and in deep skies it is dark. The tiger stands out even in the darkest sky of the night. The tiger is not frightened because it is the top predator. This is a theme throughout Blake's work. There is hatred of industrialism. "What the anvil what the dread grasp. ...read more.


One God to make the tiger and the same one to make the lamb. The lamb is happy and kind. The poem says, "Gave thee such a tender voice softest clothing woolly." This is the soft bleating of the lamb. This is showing the lamb as friendly and Blake likes the lamb. Blake writes good expressions about the lamb. Also God and part of religion are the ones who made the lamb. It says, "Little lamb who made thee." This shows the lamb is loved and wanted by everyone. It is the lamb who is beautiful and likeable. Also the words the poet uses about the lamb establish that he adores the lamb and is making the lamb the greatest animal on earth. Also the lamb is personified in a jubilant way. It says, "For he calls himself a lamb, he is meek and he is mild. He became a little child." Blake likes the lamb and is showing the nature of the lamb by saying he became a little child. Jesus was the Lamb of God. Also in 'he lamb' the questions are gently answered; unlike the when the questions for the tiger are answered; ie: little lamb who made thee and the tiger is immortal. ...read more.


The difference in words shows his opinion in which animal he likes and which he doesn't and the words he uses have a meaning but he changes the meaning to put his point across and adding some words. The language used for each animal is different depending on what the animal is and Blake hates industrialism and he describes the tiger made in factories. This shows that he hates the tiger and factories. Also the metaphors and similes have a meaning for each word it says, (ie: good v's evil). The metaphors are: when the stars threw down their spears. And water'd heaven with their tears. Could twist the sinews of thy heart? I child and thou a lamb, we are called by this name. I think Blake has made good poems to put the message which is the difference between the tiger and the lamb and etc. He has done this by making his point clear. Also the lamb poem is from the songs of innocence and the tiger poem isn't. This show the contrast in the poems, and this is a different time in Blake's life. I think Blake has put his message across clearly for his readers to understand the difference in the tiger and the lamb. ...read more.

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