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Essay Opening - There are many chances in the play for the director to emphasise the unease present. These arise from the feelings that anarchy reigns in John Ebony's classroom;

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Essay Opening There are many chances in the play for the director to emphasise the unease present. These arise from the feelings that anarchy reigns in John Ebony's classroom; from the tension surrounding John and Nadia's marriage and finally from the fear that john's career as a schoolmaster may already be at an end. The slight element of humour in the play provides the audience with light relief from the unease but when it rears it does so more forcefully. This means the audience can never really relax. With careful manipulation of the individual elements the director can easily emphasise or reduce the unease whilst playing with the emotions of audience. It is clear that anarchy reigns in John Ebony's classroom when the roles of teacher and pupil are switched. Cuthbun tells John Ebony that it is time for a test and in response John Ebony says '...well carry on then.' John Ebony is clearly not in control of the class and makes no attempt to do so. Also going on is the bullying. ...read more.


The boys know each other very well 'we'll work out suitable marks for everyone' usually students don't know each other well enough to decide on test marks. This class is so dangerous because they are so close and good at scheming. The director can show this by the uniform the boys wear. If the uniforms are all the same this could show that they are united. John and Nadia's relationship is another area in which the director can exploit unease. It is clear from the start that John and Nadia Ebony are newly weds, it's also clear they probably wont stay together 'your wife, of course is of no importance at all.' Nadia Ebony isn't exactly the type of women you would expect to be a schoolmasters wife '...a snack-bar or something's my line' Nadia Ebony isn't interested in a high-powered job like her husband. It doesn't seem their right for each other. The director could show the difference between them by having the character playing Nadia ebony as a tall, slim, tanned, young lady. ...read more.


The fact he has lost interest in the class allows them to do what they want, but some seem to want to learn 'we'll go ahead...you take us.' The director could show this when, at the start of the play Ebony is dressed really smartly. But as the play progresses and John loses interest in his career he could slowly become scruffy, for example he could suit and shirt not ironed, shirt hanging out, tie not made properly and hair unbrushed. This would show the audience how much Ebony no longer cares. In the end scene of the play Ebony finally decides that he is an unsuccessful schoolmaster 'I'm certainly that alright.' This ends the play on quite an uneasy note with John Ebony admitting he is no longer any good at his chosen career. The director can show the disappointment in Ebony's face by the use of facial expressions and body language. For instance once he has said his line he could look away from the other characters an towards the audience with a expression that shows the disappointment he has in himself. As I have demonstrated there are many ways the director can emphasise the unease generated from it's three main sources in the play. ...read more.

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