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Essay: Song to the men of England

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Song to the men of England Commentary The poem is called Song to the men of Emgland, and it was written by the romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley in 1819. The poem is about the clash between two classes of society, the poor working class and the rich nobles. The major theme of this poem is exploitation, how the workers are doing all they are doing for the enefits of the ungrateful nobles. Tha narrator is urging the workers to make a stand as they are being treated unfairly. The poem consists of eight stanzas, each with four lines. There is an AABB rhyming scheme and a rythmic scheme that gives it a nice flow. ...read more.


This is where the poet is trying to mske the workers realise how the lords are benefiting from them. It is written in a repetitive form - "The seed ye sow, another reaps, The wealth ye find, another keeps". The constant repetition of "the", "ye", and "another" makes the whole stanza more expressive , making it stronger each time. In stanza six, the poem uses the same content as stanza five, but uses a more strong imperative tone - "Sow seed - but let no tyrant reap, Find wealth, - let no imposter heap". Now there is a stress on the first two words of the stanza , and he is literally ordering to workers to do their work, but this time not to let the upper class benefit from it. ...read more.


He is taking it to extremes, and making the higher soceity sound like savages. In the third stanza, he uses irony, commenting on how the "stingless drones" are using the weapons that the workers forge. The fact that he says "stingless" is telling the workers that without their work and service, they would be of no threat to them. I think that the poet had used good effective language to get his point across to the reader, on how big the difference is between the two classes of society. My thoughts about the poem are that if I was a man in the working class at that time, it would make me think and reconsider my life, and the changes I could make if I just stood up for myself. ?? ?? ?? ?? Enis Fesci 27 October 2008 592 words ...read more.

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