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Essay to compare the ways that culture and identity are presented in Hurricane Hits England by Grace Nichols and Half Caste by John Agard.

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Essay to compare the ways that culture and identity are presented in Hurricane Hits England by Grace Nichols and Half Caste by John Agard. In Hurricane Hits England, the author's identity is portrayed very strongly, although it is indirectly, 'Hattie, my sweeping, back-home cousin.' This quote shows that the author is in a way related to the hurricane and therefore tells us something about her identity - she feels very strongly about and close to the hurricanes. This is also shown in Half Caste, when Agard continually speaks about the term 'half caste.' In these ways both authors are conveying what is very important to them in the form of an entertaining yet meaningful poem. ...read more.


On the other hand Nichols talks to the hurricanes like they are her own personal objects, and that they are a part of her alone, ' Talk to me Oya.' The cultures of the two poems are portrayed in very different ways. For example, Nichols talks in perfect English, except when referring to the hurricane names, which makes the reader take her seriously, 'Old tongues reaping havoc in new places.' However, Agard insists on writing the poem phonetically, in a way that is similar to his speaking it. This does not help the reader to take the poem as seriously, as they may have difficulty understanding and reading it. ...read more.


In her poem, Nichols uses different techniques to capture the eye of the reader such as repetition, 'talk to me Oya, talk to me Shango.' This helps the atmosphere of the poem, as almost mystical. Agard's poem is very similar, as he also uses repetition, ' wha yu mean when yu say half caste?' is repeated several times throughout the poem, in order to instil the statement in the readers head, making it a little more serious and also making the reader remember the authors thoughts. In conclusion, both poems use similar language but for very different reasons. Nichols is trying to remember old memories, and trying to show the reader her feelings whereas Agard is also trying to show his feelings, but by arguing with the reader. Tanzil Mazid 10.2 ...read more.

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