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essays Stay Young and I Want a Wife

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The essays "Stay Young" and "I Want a Wife" can be both compared and contrasted. In the essay "Stay Young" Mannes says " The more time a woman spends on herself, the less time she has for others...(307)" Mannes says that women are trying to be perfect for themselves and not spending time with their families. In the essay "I Want a Wife" Brady says that all women are devoted to their husbands. Brady thinks that all of a women's time is spent waiting on their husbands and not doing anything for themselves. "Stay Young" and "I Want a Wife" are coming from opposite sides on the issue of how women spend their time and what is important. ...read more.


Both of these essays contradict each other because "Stay Young" says that women care too much about themselves and not enough about their families. "I Want a Wife" says that women care to much about their families and not enough about themselves. Both of these essays also compare. They both illustrate how women are viewed, even thought their views are different. The two writers both believe that women should not be treated the way they are portrayed in the essays that they wrote. In the essay "Stay Young" Mannes goes into detail about how women are expected to look and act. In the essay "I Want a Wife" Brady says the same thing women are suppose to look and act a certain way for their husbands. ...read more.


In both of these essays there is someone to blame on how women are treated in society and in their own homes. Both Mannes and Brady are well aware on how these actions are affecting women. These actions make women feel like possessions and not people, they make women feel worthless, and they make women think that they don't have a mind of their own. Women already go through a lot during their lives and they don't need to be pressured into being something their not. The writers both are trying to get across that women are not slaves nor are they objects and should just be treated like human beings. Even though these articles disagree on the ways women are treated, they both agree that women have greater roles in life than society and men have created for them. ...read more.

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