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euthanasia should be a matter of choice

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Euthanasia Should be a Matter of Choice Today, the topic of euthanasia is continuously discussed, as people become increasingly aware of human rights laws and 'hundreds of life supporting drugs and devices' are being invented. Furthermore, 'the level of awareness has risen dramatically and people want to understand what's wrong with them.' The general opinion of the public is mixed and there are societies and councils supporting each side of the argument. This response is largely based on a variety of cases as reported in newspapers and the play by Brian Clark. Some people believe that euthanasia is wrong, a selfish act and a cowardly escape to life, 'where there is life, there is hope,' (The Mail on Sunday). They believe that people should face their problems rather than run away from them, 'you'll be surprised how many things you will be able to do with training and a little patience,' (Mrs Boyle- Whose life is it Anyway?). After all, modern science and technology has advanced so far that they can 'fit patients up with reading machines and adapted typewriters,' (Mrs Boyle) and easily adjust equipment to suit the patients disabilities and needs. This provides patients with new ways of communicating and can dramatically improve quality of life. An additional point is that doctors and hospitals as a whole have a job to save life not destroy it. ...read more.


As a human being on this planet they believe everyone should have the right to decide their own lives. Another reason for this belief is that if euthanasia was made legal, it would cut down the number of 'mercy killings' committed by 'selfless and loving' families trying to carry out their loved one's wish. Where as some people describe it as cowardly, for the terminally ill patient it can be reassuring, in some cases, to know that if things get too much they can just let go and break away from their ever lasting illness. One patient- Mrs March, wrote in her diary, 'You my feelings of wanting to opt out. It is the only way I can cope, having an escape route if things get too hard'. In this case Mrs March was not being cowardly she made a rational decision and wanted to die 'as an act of love' so her husband would not have to spend the rest of his life caring for her and could move on. In the play, Ken respects and congratulates people who have made remarkable achievements using the technology that is now available to them. However for him, 'it is medical technology gone mad'. Like some other people, he would not like to carry on, compromising life. He cannot live his passion- sculpting, and is sure that there are not any 'cybernetic lumps of clay' for him to use. So rationally, he decides he wants to die. ...read more.


After reading the newspaper articles, the play and arguing these points I come to believe that, euthanasia should defiantly be a matter of choice. I believe this because as a human being I should have the right to choose with dignity. As Ken says, 'If I choose to live, it would be appalling if society killed me. If I choose to die, it is equally appalling if society keeps me alive'. Moreover, I think doctors should come around to the idea that sometimes we have to let people die. However, if you are making such a big life or death decision you have to first give people the chance to live and recover before you give them a chance to die. I also think that it is extremely important to listen to doctors as they are the professionals and do have what they believe to be our best interests at heart. One more reason I am of this view is that, I think it is terrible that people who want to die and are refused this option, have to resort to messy suicide plans often involving family and afterwards, prosecution. Also, I think having to travel abroad to die is ridiculous- the Patients have the hassle of getting there and then die in a strange place far away from home. It would be a great deal easier if they were allowed to die legally and peacefully at home. ?? ?? ?? ?? Katrina Duncan Thursday, 07 August 2008 ...read more.

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