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Euthanasia: Should It Be Legalized?

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´╗┐Lewis Euthanasia: Should It Be Legalized? Samantha Lewis Mrs. Santella Junior Project First Draft ________________ Samantha Lewis December 5, 2012 AP English Euthanasia: Should It Be Legalized? Jane Doe has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. She was given six months to live. Doctors say that because her cancer was found at such late state, she has no hope. There is absolutely no chance of a recovery. Jane knows she?s gradually becoming incapable of caring for herself. Soon she will be in a vegetative state. She is looking into euthanasia as a method of maintaining her self-worth. Euthanasia should be legalized because it helps reduce government spending, allows human beings to have control over their lives, and puts patient suffering to end. Euthanasia is the deliberate killing of humans for merciful or sympathetic reasons. Both indirect actions like refusing someone?s life support and direct acts such as lethal injection are considered euthanasia. Euthanasia is not suicide. Suicide is intentionally killing one?s self. It is self-induced and usually brought on by depression. Euthanasia is medically assisted and is only carried out to those who are terminally ill and have no hope of living, but who are competent or have the ability to do something self sufficiently. ...read more.


The New York Case of "Jane Doe", according to her court declaration: I Have a large cancerous tumor which is wrapped around the right carotid artery in my back and is collapsing my esophagus and invading my voice box. The tumor has significantly reduced my ability to swallow and prevents me from eating anything but very thin liquids in extremely small amounts. The cancer has metastasized to my plural [sic] cavity and it is painful to yawn or cough.. In early July 1994 I had the [feeding] tube implanted and have suffered serious problems as a result... I take a variety of medications to manage the pain... It is not possible for me to reduce my pain to an acceptable level of comfort and to retain an alert state.. At this time, it is clear to me, based on the advice of my doctors, that I am in the terminal phase of the disease... At the point at which I can no longer endure the pain and suffering associated with my cancer, a humane and certain manner. I want to be able to discuss freely with my treating physician my intention of hastening my death through the consumption of drugs prescribed for that purpose. (Robert Weir) ...read more.


The doctor?s job is to make their patients comfortable and alleviate their patient?s pain in the form that patient selects. Instead of selling untrue hopes of their patient?s recovery, they should bring light upon their death and make it accommodating. Like Jane, millions of people are faced with the decision of either letting their sickness take away all of their independence or accepting that their death is inevitable and choosing to end their life with every sense of humanity they have left. The U.S has spent so much time and money trying to prolong life by increasing medical care. The reality is that people die. So what is there to do when one is diagnosed with a terminal illness? Do they continue to suffer trying to hold on to the little bit of life they have left? Imagine, Society tends to allow terminally ill people seep through the cracks. After they?ve reached a point where death is near, we tend to push it aside because it?s a part of life. Unfortunately, this leaves victims feeling alone and like they?re burdens. At the very least, humanity owes it to them to allow them to choose whether or not they want to die at their own hand. ...read more.

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