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Eva Peron.

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Eva Peron Spiritual leader of the night, Eva Peron was the first female saviour of Argentina. In her short thirty-two years of life, she changed a nation forever. Maria Eva Duarte was born on 7th May 1919. She was the youngest of five children and lived in the small village of Los Toldos, Argentina. Her father died when Eva was only five, thereafter her family moved to the nearby town of Junin. Eva had big dreams of becoming a movie actress in her teen years and at the age of fifteen after leaving school she left dusty, dirty Junin and headed east for the big life in Buenos Aires. (Other biographer's have described Buenos Aires as the "cultural Mecca of Latin America.") Eva's dream of being a famous actress took a very slow start, she only landed small film and theatre roles, she grew ill because she did not have enough money to eat! ...read more.


Eva gave Peron the boost that he needed to help win over Argentina and become President. Eva set out to help the 'descamisados' (lower class). The poor loved Eva, and Eva loved the poor. She would visit them and give them presents such as sewing machines, bridal gowns and everyone was greeted with a kiss. She established the 'Social Aid Foundation' which helped build schools and hospitals. Although Eva loved the poor, she wanted to dazzle the world, especially when she toured Europe with stylish clothing. 'I came from the people they need to adore me, so Christian Dior me.' From the Musical Evita On her European tour she met Franco, the dictator of Spain, Pope Pius XII and the Italian and French ministers. Europe loved her and loved her 'rags to riches' story of her accheiment. ...read more.


This is probably the main reason why she helped the poor so much. Eva achieved great things in her life, not only did she help the poor but she helped earn women the right to vote and of course her Social Aid Foundation, in which she helped thousands of people live a better way of life. Eva Peron inspires me and helps me understand that whatever I want to do, and wherever I want to go, I can do it and nothing or no one can stop me! Eva became even more powerful in death. She will live on in the hearts of many for years to come, and she will always be remembered as the women that was the saviour of Argentina. 'Don't cry for me Argentina, the truth is I shall not leave you, though it may get harder, for you to see me, I'm Argentina! and always will be......!!!' (From the Musical Evita) By Michael Shearer ...read more.

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