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Eva smith’s diary

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Eva smith's diary Saturday 15th August, 1910 Only two more days left of the holidays now. Hope our plan raising our wages goes OK, because I really do think we deserve it, we work hard enough. Monday 17th August, 1910 Got the sack today over a miserly 2/6d! All we wanted was a bit more money to get by on. Not as if we were asking for a fortune, that Birling wouldn't miss it he's got plenty enough. What's worse is that Liz has also lost her job and she has got three children to care for and I can't help feeling responsible. I'm going to have to look for another job now, which isn't exactly going to be easy with all these strikes going on. Mrs Edwards has already told me that she'd throw me out if I can't pay my rent this week. The girls from the factory have offered to help me all they can, but I couldn't take their hard-earned money. Wednesday 3rd December, 1910 Stroke of luck today! Got myself a job at Milwards in town, apparently they've lost a lot of staff due to the influenza outbreak and they're really busy due to Christmas run up. I start tomorrow morning. I hope my boss will be nicer than Mr Birling. Thursday 25th January, 1911 Looking forward to going to work today, I really enjoy my work at Milwards. ...read more.


I do find it strange though that he hasn't a wife or girlfriend I would have thought he would have been snapped up by now. Monday 20th July, 1911 Seeing Gerald again tonight can't wait. I'm going to wear the new dress that he bought me from Milwards, how I would have loved to have seen Miss Francis's face if she had known it was for me. Sunday August 12th, 1911 Gerald stayed round at my house last night. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Although it is a little embarrassing to keep taking his money. But he insists I do and anything is better than working at the palace. Wednesday 4th September, 1911 I don't know what I'm going to do without Gerald. He was my only reason for living. I'm so stupid for thinking that he could possibly like a girl like me as anything other than a poor girl that he took pity on. I'm not the same as him, he's extremely rich and he choose to marry any girl he likes who is from the same class as him. Not me, what do I have to offer him? Friday 10th October, 1911 I love the seaside; it's really helping me to clear my head. Those were the best six months with Gerald that I have ever had and probably will ever have but I know I've got to try and put it behind me. ...read more.


Sunday 21st April, 1912 Those nasty crows at the charity refused to help me because they didn't believe my story. I can't even feed and clothe myself let alone a child too. All I was asking for is a bit of was a bit of help in finding a house and maybe a job. Friday 30th April, 1912 What kind of mother would I be? I haven't even got a steady job. It's for the best, I know it is for the baby and me. Nobody will even notice that I'm dead. How I wish that this could have been Gerald's child. I would have married him because I really did love him. It was easy for him just to leave me and let me get myself back together again; maybe if he knew how much I really did love him then he wouldn't have left. Oh, what am I talking about of course he didn't love me, how could he? Then I let myself get involved with that idiot boy Eric and now I'm left with this baby, poor creature. What a mess, this is all my fault, I don't know how I could I have been so stupid. I just wish I could go to sleep and never wake up, I just can't bring a child into the world. It's not fair, I'm too tired even just to live how could I manage looking after a baby too. No, this is the best way to leave all my troubles behind. . Lisa Perkins 10S ...read more.

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