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Eva Smith’s Diary

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Eva Smith's Diary 19 January 1911 It is the second time in two months that I have been fired from my job. The first time I was fired from Birling's for causing a strike, we were getting 22 and 6 and we wanted at least 25 shillings a week. A couple of friends and I started a strike. It did not last for very long so nothing happened, but me and the other two girls who started the strike were fired. This time it is even worse because there is no real reason for me to be fired. It was all going so well until that rich bitch in the shop complaining about me to the manager just because I smiled at Jane, the other assistant in the shop, when the rich lady tried the dress on in front of the mirror. It looked so bad that I had to smile at Jane and the rich lady saw me and started shouting at me about how I was so rude until she stormed off to the manager's office to tell him what I had done. ...read more.


A big fat drunk came up to me and cornered me and started chatting me up. I felt so uncomfortable, but I could leave. So I looked over to the bar and saw Gerald looking at me and I gave him a glance that made him come over and save me from him. He was so kind. He told him that the manager wanted to see him or something like that. He told me this was no place for a girl like me and he was right. He took me to a hotel that he said would be quiet at this time of night and we talked for some time. I had to tell him that my name was Daisy Renton and that I had lost both my parents and I originally came from just outside Brumley. I let slip that I was hungry and he bought me some food. He walk me home and we agreed to meat up the next day. I was so happy when he said that I could live in his friends house while he was on holiday. ...read more.


I had to explain to him that I had had very little food that day and that was the reason I got drunk so easily. He insisted on taking me back home and when we got to the front door he insisted on coming in otherwise he would turn nasty, so I had to let him in and we went to bed. I explained how the boy that got me pregnant was an irresponsible drunk and there was no chance of marrying him. I went on to tell her how he was giving me money and that one night when he was drunk he said something about him stealing the money from somewhere, so I could not accept it any more because I did not want to get him in any more trouble than he already was in. After I had told the people on the counsel the truth they still did not believe me so they turned my down. I have lost all hope now of being able to do anything with my life. I am pregnant with no home and nothing to offer my child and the world, so I will take my own life. George Martin 19 November 2000 ...read more.

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