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Eva Smith - character study.

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Eva Smith There are many reasons for the death of Eva Smith. Each one of the Birling family and Gerald pushed Eva Smith a little closer to suicide but no one person was solely responsible for her death. It was not only the Birling's that contributed to Eva Smith's death but her position in the world she was in, she was very poor and low in society Mr Birling was the first person who we were led to believe started off the train of events that led to the death of Eva Smith. I don't believe that Mr Birling did anything that ultimately push Eva to commit suicide the only thing he did was sack her from his factory after she started to cause trouble demanding higher wages and getting the other girls in the factory to go on strike. Most men in his position would have done the same. Mr Birling said to the inspector, 'She had a lot to say.....far too much so she had to go�. ...read more.


Gerald was the third person to come under the spotlight. Gerald must of felt differently towards Eva than Mr Birling or Sheila because he knew her in person, not as Eva Smith but as Daisy Renton, who was his mistress, for a while until it was no longer convenient for him. I think that Gerald considered himself as Eva's saviour. He says that she 'gave me a glance that was nothing more than a cry for help�. I believe that he did genuinely care for Eva but he didn't love her as he admitted that. 'I didn't feel about her as she felt about me�. Although Eva's felling for Gerald he never would have married Eva because of his old fashion views on the class difference. Gerald was honest admitting his part in Eva's death. He shows signs of remorse in what he did in front of Sheila but I think he did not care what happened to Eva. ...read more.


Eric also admits to stealing money from his father's office in order to support Eva. However he was very truthful and admitted straight away that, 'I got it from the office�. Eric does show remorse and even said: 'I'm not likely to forget�. However he does not take the blame for Eva's death instead he blames Mrs Birling saying to her, 'Then - you killed her�. Eric is the only character that does blame another person in the room. It is hard to know whether he does sincerely blame Mrs Birling or whether he is trying to divert the blame away from himself. Overall I would say Mrs Birling. Mrs Birling was Eva's last chance of giving her money and a place to live she turned down Eva appeal which a few months latter forced Eva to take her own life. Mrs Birling denied Eva help although she knew Eva was pregnant see for some reason was determined to stop her and persuaded the other members of the organization to refuse her. Her selfish, cold hearted manner was the main reason for Eva's death. Barnaby Panners ...read more.

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