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Eva Smith/Daisy Renton’s Diary.

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Eva Smith/Daisy Renton's Diary. September 1910 I have just returned from my time in the country to a huge disturbance among the workers at Birling & Co. this was very surprising as I was very happy with my job and I believe my supervisor was also very happy with my work, as I was told that I was to be promoted by one of the other girls who was close to the foreman. But many of the other girls had decided that the twenty two and six they were getting was no longer enough and I agreed with this because it was enough to buy the essentials with and kept us healthy but it left room for little else such as social events. Unfortunately I decided to go with the group of girls who were going to confront Mr Birling and ask him for more money so I volunteered and a group of about five or six of us marched towards his office. This moment was almost the most nervous I have ever experience. I had never met Mr Birling before but I knew that he had been the mayor here in Brumley and so I thought that he would be no pushover and it would take some convincing before a man like Mr Birling would loosen his purse strings. ...read more.


I saw her eyes fire up with jealousy and anger. She must have been the one who complained about me and lost me my job. All for the sake of a little snigger, it seems a little petty but I can see no other reason for my dismissal. My life has fallen back into the meaningless sham it was before and if I cannot find another job I do not think I could stand any more time feeling that desperate. February 1911 I have sunk lower than I ever thought I would sink. I am way past the level I was after I was sacked from Birling & Co. I have demoralised myself to the state where I now have to support myself by picking up men in the palace bar. I hate this life and would gladly swap it for the one when all I was poor and hungry. I must get out of this life I have humiliated and demoralised myself far too far and I can't go along with it much longer I need a different way of supporting myself. March 1911 Today I was in my usual place in the palace music hall and a fat oaf I later learned was Joe Meggarty was trapping me between his own fat body and a corner. ...read more.


I am now pregnant and have nothing to do. I'm starting to get desperate again and I need help from somewhere. January 1912 My life seems to have a pattern it gets good it gets bad it gets good it gets worse then it gets good again but this time the bad part is almost impossible to bear and I cannot do it myself. I need help. I have decided to go to a committee and ask them for help. Today I went to the committee and I asked for their help. They asked me my name and foolishly I said Mrs Birling when I knew that the woman who had asked me was really Mrs Birling. It was a foolish mistake and I thing think that is why I was denied help. One woman seemed very compassionate towards me and I thought she would get me the help I needed but Mrs Birling used her influence to make the other members of the committee to vote against me and therefore doomed me to the lowest part of my life ever. March 1912 I can't take it anymore I have only one way out if I give birth to my child it will suffer just as much as me and I could not do that to my child. All I want is for it to end all the hunger, poverty, sadness, despair and misery I can't take it anymore, so I won't. ...read more.

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