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Eva Smith's Diary.

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14th August 1910 Started work again today after a long summer holiday. It was hard to get in to the swing of things again but I soon got used to it. Could do with the money anyway! Jean, Betty, Sheila, Martha, Pat and I asked for a pay rise from Mr Birling because the wages he gives us are barely enough to stay alive on. Everything else is getting more and more expensive, yet we are paid the same. Of course he said no, because of competition and all that. He is a businessman, he doesn't understand what it is like for us in the lower class and I don't think he cares either. At least I don't have any other mouths to feed, unlike the others. Eva x 1st September 1910 I haven't been sacked yet, which is what I was expecting. Although he is being odd with me, I think after nearly two weeks it is safe to say I can keep my job! Eva x 30th September 1910 I can't believe it! I got sacked from the factory today. I think it is because I asked for a pay rise with the others - they were all sacked as well. I don't know what I am going to do next I suppose I will have to look for a new job. ...read more.


He saw right through me and I explained that I had had nothing to eat and I had nowhere to live. I told him about loosing my job too. I told him that I was staying at a friend's house and he dropped me off. He insisted that he would take me to the door, but of course there wasn't one. So I had to tell him the truth about that too. He has given me a flat, which he was looking after for a friend. It is lovely. Clean and cosy. He gave me some housekeeping money and some money for food. He is coming back for a meal in two days... Daisy x 5th September 1911 Gerald has finished with me. For the last six months it has been lovely. Someone to care for me, look out for me, love me. Now he's gone. He said he was with someone else. It turns out Daisy Renton isn't so lucky after all. There's nowhere else to go and no one else to turn to. I can't believe I could be so stupid to have fallen for him. I think I am going to go to the seaside for a while. I don't know if I'll comeback here again. I have told Gerald I don't want his flat so I would have nowhere to live if I did come back. ...read more.


If this doesn't work out then I don't know what I am going to do. There is an organisation called Brumley women's Charity Organisation. It gives money to needy women. I am a needy woman. Daisy x March 18th 1912 I went and I called myself Mrs Birling that was a big mistake. The woman at the head of the table was a lady who was vaguely familiar. As soon as she spoke I knew she was the woman in Millward's, the mother of the girl who got me sacked! She was called Mrs Birling and she took no pity on me when I called myself her name. I lied too. They gave me no money and sent me away. I have nothing. What am I going to do? There's only one realistic option left. I can't bring a baby up how my life is now... Daisy x March 25th 1912 I can't go on any longer. I tried to change. Even my name changed. It isn't fair on my baby if I carry on its life and it isn't fair on me if I carry on mine. By living I am hurting myself, putting myself though years more pain and rejection. I am going to end it now. Maybe then people like Eric and Gerald and especially Mrs Birling will see what they have done. Not forgetting Mr Birling and the girl that sacked me from Millwards. I am going to help my baby and of course myself, this is the easiest way... Eva x ...read more.

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