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Eva Smith's Diary

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Eva Smith's Diary Dear Diary This month had started off good as I went on holiday with some of my friends to Brighton. Tracey loved it and we didn't want to leave. When we got back life went downhill. When we got back to Mr. Birling's factory we asked for a pay rise as we spent most of our money on the holiday. The reason we asked far a rise was that we need some money to get food and other things. It was actually Tracey's idea to ask far a pay rise from twenty-two and six to twenty five shillings a week. But Mr. Birling said no. We went on strike after we wouldn't get the pay rise. Dear Diary This has been the worse month ever me and the girls had been sacked after a few weeks we'd been on strike it was only the ringleaders who got sacked; Me Tracey Jane Amy and Michelle. And we now don't have any money. I'm now looking for a job and as I have no parents, I have no one to fall back on financially and I don't want to go back to the workhouse. ...read more.


It started with a down when Millwards sacked me when they took the side of the customer not me. But now I've changed my name from Eva Smith to Daisy Renton. The reason I did it was that it might give me new people to meet as Eva Smith was a troublemaker but Daisy Renton will be kind-hearted and have many friends. Dear Diary This month I met a kind nice good-looking gentleman his name was Gerald Croft. The first time we met was out of the blue at the Palace Bar as Alderman Heggarty was harassing me and Gerald told Alderman Heggarty that somebody wanted him. Two nights later we met up again and we began a friendship. I already knew he was seeing someone but that didn't matter. He said he was going to say to her, he is to busy. Dear Diary After a couple of months Gerald and me are over. He says he has to or Miss Sheila Birling his soon-to-be fianc�e might catch him. I've now decided to go away to the seaside for a couple of weeks to have a break and relax. ...read more.


He said I was pretty and a good sport. We met again and again then I told him I was going to have a baby. But at first I wasn't sure. But I am sure now but I'm scared and so is Eric. We kind of broke up. He tried to give me fifty pounds but I refused to take the money of course as it was stolen from Mr. Birling's office. Dear Diary Spring hasn't been good not only did Mrs. Cybill Birling refuse to help me but I've realised I don't have much money to get, the baby and me through. But first I went to the Brumley Women's charity organisation I went there and I said I was Mrs. Birling as Eric is the father but that's why she refused to help me she probably thought I was taking the mick but I wasn't. She refused to help me and mine and Eric's baby but of course, I didn't tell her it was Eric's otherwise she probably would have told me where to go. But now life doesn't seem worth living with all the things happened to me in the past two years or also what happened to all those people who died on the Titanic. Life doesn't seem worth living. ...read more.

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