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Eva Smith's Diary.

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GCSE English Course Work An Inspector Calls Eva Smith's Diary In the play, the inspector refers to Eva Smith's diary. Write Eva's diary in which she records her experiences, thoughts and feelings, in connection with the five members of the Birling family. = Show Knowledge of the text = Show understanding and empathy for Eva = Possibly include one or two historical details 1,000 - 1,500 words About 3 pages Due 3rd March August 28th 1910 Only a few days left to go, and my holidays will be over. It's wonderful having all this time to myself, to do as I please. But I have so little money left. No work, and no pay. God, how I hate those machines. The noise keeps ringing in my head, and when they break down, I can't earn any money, because I'm not working! I wish with all my heart I could afford to stay home forever. But things are so expensive, prices go up all the time. It's all right if you own the grubby factory, but if you're like me, you can end up working yourself to death just to make ends meet. It's not fair. Those greedy fat men in their luxurious offices with their ugly wives and spoilt brats! The girls on the machines are the ones who are making all the money for them, while they just sit on their big backsides. ...read more.


I've lost a lot of friends through this business, too. I haven't got much money left from my job at Birlings, but hopefully it will just about see me through till I can find work again. I'm so tired now. What was it all for? December 7th 1910 Good news at last! I've managed to get a position at Milwards, the most exclusive shop in town. Now I'm a Milwards Assistant. This has come just in time. I am nearly out of money, but today could be the start of a new life for me. I been working now for two days, and I am getting on well. The people seem very nice. The pay is better than the workshop; at least operators and filthy machinery do not surround me. It's so much nicer to be working in an elegant shop with all those beautiful clothes I can only dream of wearing. The customers are so grand, some of them, the aristocracy. Others are just mutton dressed up as lamb - (like the Birlings!) February 20th 1911 I've lost my job at Milwards. A spoilt, ugly girl, related to the Birlings! She was trying on some clothes that only made her look even less attractive than she already was, my friend, who was helping her choose something suitable knew this, even her own mother knew it. ...read more.


And he's little more than a child himself. Marriage is completely out of the question, ofcourse. He 's too young, he doesn't love me, nor I him. He stole money, and tried to buy me off with it. I have told him I never want to see him again. How am I going to look after this baby and myself? May 29th 1912 I went to a charity for fallen women. What else could I do? I called myself Mrs Birling - the child is a Birling after all. I wrote on my application that my husband had deserted me. I had to wait while the committee considered the application, then suddenly Mrs Birling - Eric's mother - burst in, shouting, demanding to know what I was playing at, using their name. She recognised me from Milwards. She kept accusing me of lying, which I was, but I couldn't tell her the truth. She would never have believed the truth. She just told me to find the father, and make him help me. "It's his responsibility". She just kept saying this. I couldn't do that, she kept asking why, I couldn't answer truthfully. The committee wouldn't help me - I was shown the door. It's finished. I think it might be best for me and my child to just let myself be drawn up into Heaven. All is lost. English Coursework netRanger 10T An Inspector Calls - 1 - ...read more.

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