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Eva Smith's Diary

Extracts from this document...


AN INSPECTOR CALLS Eva Smith's Diary StellaMaris Edokpayi 28/September/1909 Wonderful day today. Went down to Birling and Company to be one of the workers and I got the job. I am so excited. I'm starting in two days and I'm seriously looking forward to it. At least I hope it would be more exciting than the last one I tried. Mum was very excited and so am I as you can tell. I'm already thinking about that break I will have next summer. Go to Blackpool, lie on the beach. By that time I'm sure I would have saved up enough money to do all this because they told me the money wasn't that much but it was better than nothing. I'm sure it wouldn't be that bad - probably twenty-six shilling or something like that because the job looked pretty hard. 6/October/1909 Working this few weeks is much better. At least now I'm used to the machines and places. I was wondering the other day if Mr Birling would ever come around because I've never seen him and I think it's quite silly when you think of it. I'm working under a man I've never seen. They say he's very pompous, and hardly comes down to see anybody. All he cares about is what has been done and what is needed. He has children too and his wife is cold hearted I hear - but come to think of it all upper class people are all so pompous-the question is "why?" I guess nobody is going to be able to answer that question. Even if there was going to be an answer, they'd probably say "Because we are trying to put you working class in your place" I heard Mr Grainger one of the men who worked there say that the other day to one of the girls. 11/November/1909 Everyone is selfish with what they have; nobody wants to share their fortune, everybody has to walk their way through poverty. ...read more.


She wanted to see the length of the dress and asked me to put it next to my self although I'm taller than she is. I did and she was smiling, I think she knew it was going to suit her. She was quite pretty - it looked like she was the kind of person who suits dresses like that. She put the dress on and it was amazing the way she looked, I couldn't stop staring at her and smiling, and the dress was so beautiful. Then all of a sudden she suddenly stopped smiling and stormed out the room with Miss Francis. All I could hear was her voice and few minutes later I heard the door slam behind her for some reason I had the idea that she had left. Miss Francis walked in to the dressing room. She didn't look good. She was a bit upset and was red too. She refused to say anything or smile after then, her only words were that the lady who just came in was a regular customer and she could make anything happen. 21/Febuary/1911 Mr Squad, the manager of the shop, called me into his office today. He looked really upset. When we got in he told me he was sorry that he had to do this but he had to. I was fired - I can't believe it. I guess it would have been that lady of yesterday because I remember Miss Francis words that she was a regular customer. She got me fired for what I don't know. What exactly did I do? He couldn't have asked me to leave with out telling me what is happening. It's really sad to leave Milwards. Everything is going to change once again. It shouldn't be that hard now that it's February to get yet another job. This is the season when people usually want help and they put signs up. ...read more.


There are so many people here that I guess I'm not the only one who needs help. A few people are sitting on the floor including me. Most people that came through the door weren't exactly happy - only a few of them were- I guess that meant their claim didn't go through. It's my turn to go in now LATER...What was I thinking of? Why did I say I was Mrs Birling! Mrs Birling runs the committee. I knew I should have thought of a name before going in there. Mrs Birling wasn't exactly the nicest person I've ever met. She refused to help me, she should have known I had made a mistake but no she didn't want to hear anything more of what I had to say. Now who's going to help me? 20/April/1912 I can't go through with it, not alone, I couldn't be a single parent as well as looking for a job and a place to stay. It's too miserable and so sad. How can I live a life that is not worth living? I could jump off a cliff or drown my self but I don't feel I could go through with it. Using a knife would be too painful and I couldn't stand still to see a tram run over me. It doesn't matter whether I die or not, or what I die from because no body is going to notice. I pray that God gives the Birlings their just reward. I've chosen to poison myself by drinking cleaning fluid. It maybe painful but it should be quick and I will not be able out back out of it. I can feel the acid going down me. I have just few minutes before it starts working. I pray that my child can forgive me as well as God. At least I'll be going some where I wouldn't have to go through this labour. The pain is really sharp, it hurts, and it's getting worse. I can't scream. It hur... Stella Edokpayi H:\Eva Smith 3.doc Page 1 26/04/07 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE J.B. Priestley section.

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