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Eva Smith's Diary

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Eva Smith's Diary 1st September 1910 I've just got back from my summer vacation. It was lovely. I'm really looking forward to going again next year. Life's looking up at the moment. It's great! Just one problem though, the money I'm receiving at the factory. I've spoken to quite a few other girls on vacation and they earn much more than twenty-two and six. I'll speak to Mr. Birling tomorrow to ask him about raising it to 25 shillings a week. I don't see why not myself. I'm a good worker and have been in the factory over a year. We'll just have to see what he says. 12th September 1910 That's it! I'm not taking any more. A few other girls and me, who are sick of the terrible money, are going on strike. He'll have to raise our weekly wage then won't he; well if he doesn't I'm not carrying on working for him. He's a mean man, and only cares for himself, wants all the money. It's not very often I get annoyed I don't like to call people and say nasty things about them, but I really have had enough today. This man has really angered me. I'm an excellent, hard, pleasant worker. How dare he have the cheek to say no! I told his this afternoon for the 6th time in the past 2 days, that because I was being promoted to leading operator I would at least expect a pay rise. ...read more.


For the best. 14th September 1911 I've had enough of this place; I need to go away and come back, making a fresh start. Gerald and me well we're finished with, theirs no more Gerald and me, just me. Daisy Renton - Trying to get on with her life. No money, no family, no one to love me, no one for me to love, no job, no house, no happiness. I could go on, I don't think I have anything to look forward to. I've decided to book a holiday at the seaside for two weeks, not that I've got the money. I'll find it from somewhere. See how the holiday goes. Forget everything, well... I could try. No harm in trying is there? 6th November 1911 I have no money, nothing. I feel terrible. Words can't express how I feel. Words are nothing compared to my feelings at the moment. Any day now, I'm right on the edge and I'm going to jump, taking my own life with me. One other hope I've got left is The Palace Bar again. I'm not sure I really want to go they're again, but I honestly don't have any more suggestions to earning money. And personally I don't have the energy to think. I need a good night's sleep where I'm not waking up every 10 minutes, scared, cold and hungry. ...read more.


You can't turn back the clock. I'm just going to have to forget what happened which will be very easy to do. I'll never, ever again remember a thing... 17th March 1911 I've done it; soon I will not remember a thing. I'll be resting peacefully. Finally I'll be happy. I won't feel guilty; I don't have any family. I don't need to leave a note to try and explain to anyone about what I've done. The only thing I feel slightly guilty for is my baby. Who would want their son or daughter growing up, knowing that they will be ill because of no food, no roof above their head. I don't want that. I don't want my child not having the advantages that other children have; that other children take advantage of. Waking up everyday with a roof above their head, breakfast on the table for them, loving parents that are there for them when they need help or are feeling down. Everyone takes advantage of everything they own, even their lives. They don't realize it until they've lost those things they love and care about though. Then it will suddenly hit them like a ton of bricks. People should learn to love what they have, but me, I can't go on any longer trying to be happy for what I have. I don't have anything, so I can't try to be happy. I've tried too many times, and now - I'm giving up trying. I'm weak and so far I've lost everything apart from my life. Which soon I will also be loosing... ...read more.

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