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Eva Smith's Diary

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EVA SMITH'S DIARY 1. Dear Diary, Today's here at last! Holidays - total freedom. You know, that fat pig, Birling, he's been working us really hard lately. I've cast off the shackles at last! Anyway, I'm going for the holiday tomorrow. Me and the girls are going to the seaside! So I won't be writing to you till I come back. So then, bye! 2. Dear Diary, My holiday was very good. It was wonderful. I could relax, and work off my tension. But the thing is, I'm pretty short of money. Nearly all my savings had been spent on the trip. So I'm planning on asking Birling for a raise. I don't know if it'll work...Anyway, I'll turn in now, tomorrow I've got to get back to work. 3. Dear Diary, The first day, and that greedy man worked us almost to death! He was pretty tough today, and in a very bad mood. I thought of asking him then, but he looked so forbidding that I didn't. I've talked to the girls, and they all agree, so maybe we'll ask him together. 4. ...read more.


I don't know why, I worked pretty hard after the strike. He said I was responsible for the strike, and that I'd have to go. But I don't have anywhere to go, Diary. I'm getting desperate. 13. Diary, sorry I couldn't write. The situation's desperate. I have no money coming in, and I can't pay the landlord. But I have a chance. Tomorrow I'm going to go to a dress shop to ask for a job. It's called Milwards. It's a big shop, and I'll be lucky if they take me. 14. Dear Diary, I got the job! I'm so happy. It's a big shop, and a lot of rich people go there. The dresses are lovely. The pay's okay. It's not very good. I'll just manage. I start tomorrow. But I feel better, knowing I'm making a good fresh start. 15. Diary, the job's wonderful. The people there are very kind, and I've already made some friends. But I'm very busy most of the time. Anyway, I'll see. 16. Diary, Christmas, New Year, all passed so nicely, and now, again I'm in hot water. I got fired from Milwards, why I don't know. ...read more.


He threatened to make a row. He was drunk as well, and when he came in he started leering at me and trying to catch me, but he was drunk and didn't make it. Then, somehow he got me and then everything went black. When I woke up we were on the bed together, he had his arms around me, and I found I hadn't a single thing on. Neither did he. It was morning by then. 21. Dear Diary Eric started giving me money today, but I don't think he has the money. Maybe he stole it. I don't know. But there's something else, I think I'm getting a baby, Diary. It's terrible. What shall I do? I'm not taking Eric's money anymore. Who shall I go to for help? There is an organisation in town, where women in trouble can go for help. But some posh people run it. I'll go there tomorrow. 22. Dear Diary, They refused to help. I started by telling their head about myself. I said my name was Mrs. Birling. Then she started asking me some questions, and then told me to go look for the father of the baby. 23. Dear Diary, I don't know what to do. So many disappointments...I can't go on any longer, diary, it has to stop. 24. Freedom English Literature Subhayan Podder ...read more.

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