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Eva Smiths Diary.

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Eva Smiths Diary August 1910 My summer has just been simply terrific. I have been staying in Bridlington for some time during this summer, amongst various other places. Martha, Doris and I stayed near the centre with an old lady I knew from my childhood. In the evenings we would stay in a bar and cast our eyes on many a fine bachelor, sometimes not just our eyes. For money I was working as a sewer, only doing small jobs privately, it was not a lot but it got me by. When I return to my own residence I shall resume work in Mr. Birlings textile factory no the weaving machines. It is not good work as it is boring but it is not as bad as what I did in Bridlington, and I do get all weekends off, and the pay isn't the worst although it could be better. September 1910 Another hard days work on my machine, and after such a long lazy break I am a bit rusty, but hopefully in a few days I should be fine again I just need time. We have heard a rumour that Birling is taking a new business venture, with this in mind me and the girls are thinking of carrying out a plea for higher wages. ...read more.


They had no choice but to get rid of me, they said that they thought that I was a very good worker and regretted letting me go and in different circumstance I would still be working there for many years to come. May 1911 I have just met a wonderful person his name is Gerald, and he is of respectable family, so he is rich too. After all of the set backs I have had in my life finally something else is going right. I can only imagine how much longer this piece of good fortune will last. Maybe a few months, years or maybe I wont even see him tomorrow. I am supposed to be meeting up with him tomorrow at a nice bar in town, he's a bit older than me but I'm not too bothered by that, as long as he treats me well age means nothing to me. I haven't met anyone like him before and I hope I will never have to. July 1911 Gerald keeps giving me money but makes excuses why he cant be with me all of the time, I think he may6 be seeing someone else but he promises that he isn't so I will stay with him, he is still being very nice to me and I am living better than I was before because of him; my flat is much nicer and I wear much nicer clothes. ...read more.


I didn't really think about it before to be honest but now I see straight through him. I will have to see the advisory council for help, I don't know what to do, I cant work if I am pregnant yet I have to work to support my child and to keep a roof over my head. April 1912 Today was the meeting with the council, it seems that the chairperson for today took a great disliking to me, when she ask me for my full name I said that I was Mrs. Birling, I don't know why but it was the first name that came into my head. That may have been my last chance to get help but the lady was adamant that I should receive no help from anyone. What am I to do now? I have no options; I can't support myself, let alone a baby as well. I think that the only option I have left is to take my own life and my Childs, its better for both of us if I do. But how shall I do it? I could hang myself, but where? I must poison myself; I could drink some disinfectant that should do it. I don't deserve to bring a child up I have been told that already so I must die. Aden Wiltshire 10T eva smiths diary 5/9/07 1 ...read more.

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