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Eva Smiths Diary Entries - English Coursework

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Eva Smiths Diary Entries - English Coursework Dear Diary, I seriously do not think that things could get any worse. I've lost my job at the factory, my mother passed away last week, and there was an Eviction notice on my doorway as I entered my flat. A huge black hole has just opened before me, and its calling me towards it. More about the factory - my boss, Mr. Birling, had been a nice enough man up until now. He paid me a little amount compared to what I should have been earning, and although I had been fine with it, some of the girl's confided in me that they felt that he was being unreasonable. In my excitement that people felt the same as me, we set up an organisation in which I would demand more money from him. We decided that confronting him directly was the best form of attack, so I did it the day after the agreement. I marched in there, a petition in my hands, and said boldly, "Mr. Birling, the other girls' and I are quite appalled with the amount that you're paying us. ...read more.


Please. Gerald told me today that he has a partner - a fianc�e! He described her in great detail, which means he obviously loves her dearly. I think I handled it quite well, although the expletives I hurled at him on the way out were quite uncomplimentary. I don't think he heard me, however. So he loves another woman. To add to this... to this monstrosity, I was fired AGAIN. This time from somewhere I was perfectly happy working in - and this time it was not my fault. A young woman came into our boutique, and began trying on a series of dresses. I was lost in my own little world, so I had hardly noticed her there. I remembered something funny that Gerald had told me the night before, and I laughed loudly. The girl's eyes flew to mine, and she looked rather affronted. I hadn't realised what she thought I had done until Betty hissed to me that I was in for it big time. Madame Grey called me into her office and told me that the woman had made a formal complaint about me - I was incredibly insulted, and began to defend myself, but this seemed to make Madame Grey even angrier. ...read more.


Am I now going insane, Diary? Will I rot away in this hell I've dug myself into? I'm lost. I'm lost in my own world, lost in a haze that won't clear from my eyes. I wonder now if there is any reason for me to be living. I ma loved my no-one, and I love no-one. Gerald was my one and only... but he is already loved, and the woman is loved in return. I'm so very empty. Dear Diary, Oh God. Oh dear Lord, save me. I've swallowed a bottle of disinfectant... it'll kick in soon. But the worst thing has happened - everything has come together. I found out from people today... Mr. Birling was married to the woman that I appealed to for help, explaining why she was so insulted when I used her name. Gerald is engaged to the vain woman who got me fired, which makes me feel worse as I feel as if I insulted his fianc�e. And that young boy that I slept with the one time - Mr. and Mrs. Birling's son. It's all come together with little snippets of information, but now it's too late... I can't do anything. I've swallowed my death, and its coming ever closer. I had a chance to take it all back, to sort it out... And its gone. Lisa Wildman 10J Mrs. Sagar ...read more.

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