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Evaluation - design and create a film poster

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Out task was to design and create a film poster to match a story we had previously written as another piece of coursework. The genre of my story was fantasy so I had to make a film poster that would identify itself as fantasy film to my target audience. My target audience was aimed at the 12-15 category, both male and female. As the genre was fantasy, I thought that both genders would enjoy this film as it's not bias. The background on my poster is a photo I took of my friend Cherelle .I chose her because she matched my main characters description.Infront of my main image (of Cherelle) I put a 50p in the corner to indicate what the story is about. The colours I chose were browns and silvers. The picture of Cherelle was darkened to the effect called sepia, to connote dullness because my characters life is poor and neglected. ...read more.


on a website called CoolText.com.This font is unique and original; I have not seen this on anyone else's work which helps my audience to recognize that it is a fantasy film. Beneath my central image, I have put who is starring in the film. Next to my central image, I have also written my main characters name,(actors names) large.Ive also written 'Award Winning' before the actors name to show my target audience that they are getting a quality film. This font has also been coloured grey to match my colour scheme and the font is simple and standard so it doesn't stand out as much as my masthead. Below the masthead, I have placed endorsements. One endorsement reads,' truly magical', which is an obvious play on words. This helps my audience to see that this film is the one to see. ...read more.


At the bottom of the page I placed the necessary production credits, which include the production studio, directors and other film crew. At the bottom of the page I also wrote the release date which was out on 29thJuly .I chose this date because it's out in the holidays which will draw my target audience to see it because they're off school. If my film was released I would choose to have an advert on television at peek time because this is when my target audience would be more likely to watch TV, within breaks of coronation street and so fourth. Overall I am really pleased with my film poster and I think it fits in with my story and chosen genre really well .The main features of my film poster are the central image and masthead. I have coloured both of these in greys, silver and golds which connotes wealth and magic. I don't think I'd make any changes to my film poster as it has been produced exactly the way I had hoped it would. Chantelle Regan ...read more.

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