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Evaluation of a live Production - Blood Brothers

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Evaluation of a live Production Blood Brothers Blood Brothers was written by Willy Russell, It was first performed at the Liverpool Playhouse in January 1983. It is a musical / comedy drama set in Liverpool in the 1980's. We went to see it at the Phoenix Theatre. When we were on our way to see the production I was quite excited and was looking forward to it very much as I had been told by some pupils at my school it was very good. When we arrived at the theatre and sat down in our seats the stage and layout looked very big. There seemed to be a lot of space for the actors to perform on. ...read more.


Mickey, played by Richard Munday, was very funny. I really enjoyed watching this character. When he played Mickey as a young boy his movement, posture and the way he spoke was very believable. He played the part very well. Eddie, played by Mark Hutchinson, also played his part very well. He was brought up in a much more wealthier environment than Mickey and his accent and the way he moved brought this across very well. Miss Johnstone, played by Lyn Paul, was very enjoyable to watch. She had an excellent voice when she sung and played a very good Mother figure. The pace of the play was good, there wasn't a single part of the play where I wasn't paying full attention because there weren't any scenes that dragged on for a long time. ...read more.


The contrasts in the play e.g. the way Mickey was brought up compared to Eddie were portrayed very well. The use of sound and light in the play was excellent, without it the play would have been a lot duller. The use of sound and light helped show emotions and the atmosphere in a scene. My best part of the performance was when Mickey and Eddie meet for the first time because it was really funny. The contrast between the two twins is shown very well. My least favourite part of the play was when Mickey went to prison, I just felt it wasn't as interesting as the rest of the play. Overall I really enjoyed watching Blood Brothers and I would definitely go and see it again and recommend other to see it because it is a very funny, interesting and well acted play. ...read more.

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