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Evaluation of Estella from 'Great Expectations'.

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Evaluation of Estella "The lady whom I had never seen before, lifted up her eyes and looked archly at me, and then I saw that the eyes were Estella's eyes." From this passage, I believe it is safe to infer that Pip notices a great change in Estella's appearance and the way she carries herself, once she comes back from finishing school, but is there really that much of a change in the rest of her? Although she may change her methods, she's still unemotional, she still takes orders from Miss Havisham, and she still leads Pip on. Speaking of leading Pip on, Estella leads Pip on. When Pip is at Miss Havisham's for the second time, Estella acts as if she likes Pip and does something very unlike herself. "There was a bright flush upon her face... she stepped back into the passage and beckoned me. ...read more.


Here's what I mean. "This is my purse and you are to pay my charges out of it. Oh you must take the purse! We have no choice, you and IU, but to obey our instructions. We are not free to follow our own devices, you and IU.'" (Page 265, paragraph 2) This is something that Estella says to Pip when she first arrives in London in the second part of the book. Of coarse this is not true Pip, but neither he nor Estella knows that Miss Havisham is not his benefactor. Miss Havisham also pushes Estella around in the first part of the book. She makes her play cards with Pip when she doesn't want to; she makes her bring him food; etc. Estella does these things, but does not do them with any kindness. She only doss them because she had to, which brings me to my final subject, the fact that, throughout the story Estella is cold-hearted, unemotional, and sometimes even mean. ...read more.


She laughed contemptuously, pushed me out, and locked the gate upon me." (Page 65, paragraphs 3-6, first Havisham encounter) These quotes were from the first half of the book, but I've got more proof from the second half. At this part Pip tries to compliment Estella and she laughs right in his face. "'I live quite pleasantly there; at least-'It appeared to me that I was losing a chance. 'At least?' repeated Estella. 'As pleasantly as I could anywhere away from you.' 'You silly boy,' said Estella, quite composedly, 'how can you talk such nonsense?'" (Page 226, paragraphs 8-11) Hey, I don't know about anyone else, but I think that was pretty mean (although it wasn't the same kind of meanness that was in the first part). That's exactly what my paper's on. I think I've just proved that Estella is the same person throughout the whole book, but the kind of person she is changes (whether she's leading Pip on, being controlled by Miss Havisham, or being her mean ol' self). If I have then my mission was successful. ...read more.

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