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Evaluation of Journey planner on the Transport for London website.

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INTRODUCTION This coursework gave us the opportunity to look after the journey planner on the Transport for London website. Transport for London is the integrated body responsible for the capital's transport system. Its role is to implement the Mayor's Transport Strategy for London and manage the transport services across the capital for which the mayor has responsibility. TfL also manages a 580 km network of main roads. I rode on the internet that considerable work is being undertaken to improve conditions for walkers and cyclists, so has I were a cyclist I'm going to oriented my coursework in this direction: privileged non-motorised modes as many as possible. I choose to adopt the following plan: first I will deal with the statements that I made and criticize them. Second, I will describe how useful I found the Journey Planner. I) Observations: For each mode I took the possibilities ten minutes before and ten minutes after in order to compare and to select the best solution. It's my own point of view but I selected solutions that I found the best for me. It's why I increased the time walking at 25 min and changed the speed walking: fast instead of average. In the same time I decided to use cycle and ride facilities I modified the cycling time in order to reach 25 min. I didn't consider fixed time but a range. In order to be efficient I considered that I was a customer. ...read more.


in service Cycling + Bus + Walking 02:57 03:39 43 min 1 Wembley Central �0.70 5 min Cycling 03:00 03:40 40 min - - - - One the night we have the choice between using bike or taking the bus. Rail and Underground were out of service. Personally I would took the bus principally for the 17 minutes of transfer time and second for the price � 2. It's expensive for a journey that I was able to do by bike. 4 ) 1500 on Sunday 23 November 2003 Means of Transport Departures Arrivals Journey Time Interchanges Interchanges Station Price Transfer Time Underground 15:00 15:28 28 min 1 Kenton �1.30 9 min Bus 14:54 15:40 46 min 1 Willesden �1.40 3 min Cycling 15:00 15:40 40 min - - - - Rail Not in service Underground +rail 14:55 15:22 27 min 1 Kenton �1+ rail 9 min Cycling + Underground+ Bus + Walking 14:53 15:22 29 min 1 Wembley Central and Harlesden Station �2.00 6 min Cycling + Rail 14:59 15:25 26 min 1 Wembley Central Not available 6 min On Sunday afternoon, underground is one more time the convenient modes, I think. First it's cheaper, second it's faster. The amounts of cycling or walking aren't profitable enough to be use. I think that the route is not long enough to benefit from every asset of each mode. C) Route 3: Finchley Central to Baker Street The route is 7.3 miles length. ...read more.


I can't obtain fare for the train, so it's why I choose Underground sometimes instead of Train. Some people who certainly had made the same choice. To make a choice we need to have all the information. I stress an example the Tfl proposed me to take the Underground at 00:15 and than to change and waited until 05:00pm the first underground. It's seemingly an error because it's provided 4 hours to wait! When I looked up of the timetable, Tfl provided different possibilities even if I choose the same options for cycling particularly (17 min instead of 18 min). For my second routes Tfl proposed me to walk for 55 min or to cycling for 40 min, for me it's not a genuine estimation. Cycling is faster 2, 3 times than walking. Too many information kill information, I think that for some people there are too many possibilities and they can be afraid, it's not my case. On average people don't use all the software options I think. CONCLUSION This coursework should make us aware of non-car travel options in a very large city. Good Public Transport can reduce car dependency and improve the environment for everybody. If I have the opportunity to travel in London I will probably use the Transport for London software to help me in my journey. Seemingly London Public Transport Network is very efficient particularly with connections between several modes. Such software were benefit for people they can schedule their journey before arrive in London, so they will be less stress. It's easier to look at the scope of travel on Internet than on a counter. 1 ...read more.

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