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Evaluation of 'The Crucible'

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Evaluation of 'The Crucible' On 4th December 2002, I performed a piece of acting based on the play 'The Crucible' by Arthur Miller which was written in 1953, and set in Salem, USA in 1692. The play deals with people's attitudes towards witchcraft. In my group, we worked on different sections from throughout the play, before choosing two to perform as a final piece. The pieces we chose came from the beginning and ends of the play. In the first scene, I played the na�ve and timid servant girl Mary Warren. I then played a very contrasting role of Elizabeth Proctor in the last scene, where she consoling her husband who has been condemned to death. ...read more.


In this piece we explored the different views of witchcraft over different time periods, one of which was in the seventeenth century. This piece showed the quick and irrational judgements people made towards witches, as they do in 'The Crucible', which helped me play the frantic Mary Warren, who gets very emotional about the charges that would be made against them if they accused of witchcraft. My part in the first scene was fairly small, when I played Mary Warren, the servant to the Proctors. She is a very lonely and innocent girl who is shocked and scared by the witchcraft in the town. She is only a little younger than Abigail, yet feels very intimidated by her and her power. ...read more.


Our second scene was a duologue between Elizabeth and John Proctor. I played Elizabeth, and we had to try and create the very tense, unnerving atmosphere. The pace of the play had slowed down, and we had to make sure we varied tones of voices as it would have been very easy to have a hushed conversation with no movement. Because f the lack of movements, the ones we made had to be carefully planned, as though they had a purpose. Our final piece went smoothly once everyone had learnt their lines, and the period costumes added the finishing touches to our characters. I feel our performance would have been better if we had been more focused in rehearsals, and I have learnt that concentration is very important for future productions. Chesca Lord ...read more.

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