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Evaluation on a Personal Performance

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Drama Evaluation Own Groups' Performance We were put into groups of three or four people and we were told to "mark the moment" of when Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth to kill the king. In my group we decided to start out piece with a still image. We felt that this would help the audience understand what we were doing and also help them see what our characters were feeling. In our still image we had Macbeth at the front kneeling down, with Lady Macbeth directly behind him and the King on the left of them and one of the guards on the right of them. This showed the audience that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth had the "power" in the start of the piece and that they ultimately had to choose what to do. The piece started off with Lady Macbeth slowly walking forwards and whispering "You must kill the king" five times in a row, constantly getting louder. On the fifth time of saying it all of the characters changed their facial expressions at the same time. ...read more.


He then said "I do love life at the moment. But I can't help it. I keep on getting this dreadful feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's almost like someone is trying to tell me that something is going to happen. Something very bad". After this we went back into our original positions and did exactly what we did at the start of the piece - (We got into exactly the same positions as before and Lady Macbeth once again repeated "You must kill the king" with exactly the same intensity as at the beginning. After this however, Macbeth clutches his head in frustration and screams out "Ok I'll do it!" At this moment everyone freezes in exactly the same positions as at the start which shows the audience that nothing is really settled and that everyone is still unsure about what is going to happen. Other Groups' Performance We watched a piece that I was very fond of. The reason I liked it was because of the fact that they had a narrator, unlike anyone else. ...read more.


I felt that this was superbly directed and brought really emotion to myself and the whole audience. Then, from out of nowhere, the actor playing the role of Macbeth collapsed. Stood over him was Lady Macbeth, or so we thought. There had been a triple role reversal, and it was the king lying dead on the floor, Macbeth standing over him. This, also sounding complication, was well produced and I liked the way that it was so effectively put into practice. This group nor only performed well, but showed that they had put a lot of time and effort into the piece, using effective strategies and ideas to convey the message of a cold, cruel-hearted scene. In this story, Macbeth longed for ultimate power. It can easily be said that over the years, this has not changed one bit. People are absorbed by wealth and authority. This had completely enhanced my personal view of understanding of fame and power. The techniques that were used were simply and well done. It has let me see that things that events that happened hundreds of years ago still apply now. | Chris Stupack | Page 1 of 3 | Drama Coursework | ...read more.

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