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Evaluative Phase-Love and hate

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Evaluative Phase -Love and hate First we looked at the poem "Stop the clocks" by W.H. Auden. Before we thought about adding hate we thought about what the poem is about. It's about a woman who's husband has just died and how she is devastated about his death and thinks the whole world should mourn his death because he was so great (or at least he was to her). So we now had 2 characters the husband and wife and we knew the husband was going to die, which would devastate the woman so much that she wrote the poem. Next we looked at the word 'hate' and its implications. ...read more.


So we thought that the man could have been killed because he had been hated, then it developed further and we thought the woman could have killed the man then she wrote the poem as a cover up. We decided to make the man rich and the woman a gold digger. When we went into smaller groups we had the idea that the man pretended to be rich and the woman killed him when she discovered the truth. Everyone in my group (including me) probably didn't work together as well as we could have done when we where initially thinking up what to do in our piece. ...read more.


Love and hate are both extremely powerful emotions. Both can cause people to do absolutely crazy things that they almost certainly wouldn't do for any other reason. They can both blind you to what is really going on around you. Love can very easily turn into hatred if someone is particularly hurt by something. This has all helped me to see how ideas can be changed and manipulated to create a completely different play, like creating or changing someone's role can complete turn the play around. I think I'm better at thinking of ideas of what to actually do in our plays know. Also I think ill try to incorporate extremes of emotions into my plays just like hate and love. Daniel Jenkin 10Bh ...read more.

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