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Eveline - short story review

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Eveline This short story is about a girl named Eveline who lives in Ireland that needs to make a difficult decision between staying at home with her father, or leaving to a country named Buenos Aires with her fianc�. When Eveline first saw Frank she was firstly attracted to his good looks. After she got to know him he was kind manly and open hearted everything her father wasn't. He use to spend a lot on her and take her places like the theatre to watch a musical they were pricey seats so she felt uncomfortable sitting there. Frank was different from others because he had traveled he was more exiting than other men he had stories to tell and places to go. Other people hardly traveled because it took to long. She believed he would be her husband and escape plan from her home. Even though in the story one section said she would maybe love him, really did because she use to still see him after her father banned her. Even though he was good looking kind etc she only use to go out with him for excitement then when she got to know him she really liked him. Her relation ship with Frank had to have been strong as she was making the biggest step in her life with him. ...read more.


Evelines relationship with her father was very deep because she always had good memories of him even though he hit her brothers she still loved him. He even put on her mum's bonnet to make her and her family laugh and he use to tell them ghost stories. But after her mother died things started to change, her brothers and sisters left home and she was alone to look after her grumpy old dad. When she was alone she felt in danger from her father's violence and was hit by him but then the remembrance of her mother resisted him from hitting her. On Saturday's he was at his worst, he was very violent and kept on arguing with her. This is probably the main reason why she didn't think twice about her father before she reached the quay. The fighting and arguing gave her the palpitations. He used to never give her the money thinking she would go waste his hard earned money in the streets , then he would ask her if she had done Sunday's shopping and she had to rush over there to get there food. Her memories of her father and the fact he is her only family probably made her stay at the end because feelings for him were so deep. ...read more.


She was also heading to the quay, which also meant she was leaving. When she got to the station her state of mind was just to make a decision but it was not easy because she had the same amount of reasons to stay as there were to go. He was speaking to her and she didn't even listen because of the stress of the decision, she knew he was talking but she gave no answer. She felt cold and was pale, the decision put her in a maze of distress and kept her trapped in it. She even had to pray to god to help her make the decision. I think she made the right decision because even though she had a tough life she always had her father because he would never leave her. But she could always had have a fight with Frank and it would probably be impossible to get back to Ireland. Even if she found out her father passed away she would not be able to attend the funeral. Her mother even gave her a promise and if she went she would be breaking the promise. If she went she maybe would have lived a life of regret. I also think he brought it to quick on her and didn't give her enough time to think thoroughly about it. Because she stayed she was not breaking a promise nor did she leave her only family so I think her decision was wise. ...read more.

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