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Even though the outcome of the play is made evident in the Prologue why does the play keep its audience enthralled to the end? Romeo and Juliet.

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Emma Nickson Romeo and Juliet Ashton on Ribble High School Even though the outcome of the play is made evident in the Prologue why does the play keep its audience enthralled to the end? "Romeo and Juliet" is a play written by William Shakespeare. It is a very tragic play mixed with comedy and romance. The Prologue tells us a brief outline of the story. Some would say it ruins it. In this essay I'm going to attempt to explain why the play never fails to keep its audience on the edge of its seat. "From ancient grudge break to new mutiny." This part of the prologue tells us that there is an argument that has gone back generations but has recently been caused to flare up again. It doesn't tell us why there is the fall out nor tell us when it started or flared up again. " Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean." This tells us that they are dragging the local citizens into the fights. As innocent people are being involved, everybody is involved either directly, emotionally, by marriage or by blood. And that many people are being killed there is that many funerals it is becoming "unclean" "From forth the fatal loins of these two foes, A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life." This is probably the most important part of the prologue as this is where the play builds up to. It tells us that each family bore a child, one male, one female. The two have been destined to be together and fate causes them to fall in love. It does not tell us yet which belongs to which family. It goes on to say they kill themselves. It does not, as of yet, give any information as to why they do so but it gets the desired effect. The shocked emotion flows from us aside the saddened and angered ones intriguing us as to find out why this has happened. ...read more.


"The Simpson's" deals with serious matters in a humorous way. It keeps people entertained the whole way through. It appeals to people because they can just sit and watch it no matter what mood they are in. If they are in a good mood they laugh at Bart and his antics or at Lisa trying to change the world. If we are in a bad mood the whole film is so light hearted it cheers us up. If we feel romantic we can watch Marge and Homer. It suits all ages and so everyone would watch. The film "Gone with the Wind" has no comedy and as some people would put it the film tends to "drag on" and be boring to most. Shakespeare knew this and used this theory to keep his audience enthralled although the play has a very serious moral and very tragic grounds he has mixed this with comedy and caused it to act kind of like subliminal advertising. The main character for comedy is Mercutio. He makes a lot of sexual references to non-sexual related things. Today we would say he is dirty minded! Although there was not a lot of comedy parts it was enough to keep the audience interested. Friar Lawrence attempts humour when he tells Romeo to be careful not to fall when he asks him to betroth him and Juliet later that day. The Nurse is humourous when she won't tell Juliet what Romeo said. She is taking the Mickey out of Juliet. There are more comedians in the play but Mercutio is by far the wittiest character. He uses puns a lot through Mercutio. Most of these are of a sexual nature i.e He makes lots of sexual references in act 2 scene 1. One pun that is not sexual but is one of Mercutio's most memorable pun's is in act 3 scene 1 where Mercutio has been stabbed by Tybalt. ...read more.


Romeo and Juliet fall in love even though it is against a background of hate. This could be because when they first meet they do not know they are enemies, but a main moral in "Romeo and Juliet" is you cant help who you fall in the love with. But, one thing a lot of people mistake is the difference between love and hate. They are both extremes of opposite emotions. Romeo realises this from an early age and thinks the feuders love each other but do not know how to handle it. He is right. Love and hate often get confused because the feelings are so strong. They normally form through one another. If you love someone its easy to hate them and vice versa, but love does strange things. For example Juliet is an obedient girl. She shows this when her mother asks her if she could love Paris. She replies, Juliet: I'll look to like if looking liking move But I'll no longer endart mine eye, Than your consent to make it fly. So she is doing the proper thing but when Romeo comes along she doesn't care what her parents say so this shows that love changes your perspective on everything. They say that kids see things as they are without the complications adults would see and that's how the lovers see it they love each other, that's all that matters. Neither Romeo nor Juliet agree with the fighting and then they do the opposite of hating each other. This shows irony. In this play lots of types of love are displayed. Paris loves Juliet courtly. He asks her fathers permission before marrying her and brings her flowers e.t.c. At the beginning Juliet loves Paris dutifully. She excepts his wooing because her mother and father want her to. Both Romeo and Juliet display true love for each other. They want to be married because they love each other not because anybody else wants them to. Mercutio gives lots of references to sexual love especially between Romeo and Rosaline. ...read more.

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