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Even though 'The Signal Man' was written in 1866 and 'The Fog Horn' in the 1960's, nearly 100 years apart, they still have many similarities.

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English Even though 'The Signal Man' was written in 1866 and 'The Fog Horn' in the 1960's, nearly 100 years apart, they still have many similarities in the way the two stories have been structured. In this essay I am going to be pointing out the how both writers have created a sense of mystery. I am also going to try and point out the similarities and differences in the setting in each story; the main characters (the signal man and McDunn) the build-up of suspense and the climax. In each story, there is a main character, and both main characters have experienced something dramatic in their lives which they have both experienced more than once in there lives. They both are telling someone, a friend who they trust deeply about there secret. In both stories, their friend is the narrator. But what differ from the main characters are there feelings towards what they are experiencing. While McDunn is fascinated and intrigued by his secret, the Signal Man is terrified and troubled by his. "I have made up my mind, Sir," he began, bending forwards as soon as we were seated, and speaking in a tone but a little above a whisper, "that you shall not have to ask me twice what troubles me. ...read more.


I think that if McDunn wonted another job he could, but he likes his job and I think he would be sad to see it go if he had to leave, unlike the signal man who almost defiantly has to keep his job unless he wants to retire, because he didn't leave school with enough qualifications to do other things with his life. "He had made his bed, and he lay upon it. It was far to late to make another" - Signal Man. "As for McDunn, he was master of the new light house" - The Fog Horn These quotations indicate that they both chose there jobs, but the Signal Man could not change his mind about he does for a living, but McDunn could change his mind, and even when the monster destroyed his old light house, he still kept one with the light house. Whether of not the Signal Man would change his mind about his job, I do not know, but we know that McDunn must love his job and that the Signal Man does not have very many opportunities. ...read more.


He is more worried about whether or not the narrator understands than what the narrator thinks about him. Both stories have a part where things happen in threes. The Monster returns to the light house three times, the narrator visits the signal man three times before the signal man dies, the bell rings three times, the spectre shows itself three times. This helps create mystery on the number three and it also creates wonder, why three? Three has always been a magical number. Witchcraft believe in the three fold law, and both what is happening to the signal man and McDunn is magic and supernatural. In conclusion all these things point to that the two stories have been structured in the same way, but still have there own unique style. Both Main characters are similar, but they both differ from each other in certain areas. They both have the same kind of jobs and same kind of surroundings, but they were written nearly 100 years apart from each other. They both give of mystery by the writing, but the signal man shows different language because of when it was written. Both stories contain similarities and differences, but they both create a wonderful sense of mystery and suspense. By Hollie Mighall MJL ...read more.

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