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Even to this day I still can't believe that she would lie about something so serious, like an accusation towards me which is total and utter rot.

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Even to this day I still can't believe that she would lie about something so serious, like an accusation towards me which is total and utter rot. I know Teresa and I divorcing must have been hard for her and it must have affected her mentally, but I cannot see why she would want to hurt me in such a way as she did. I suppose it was punishment. I really didn't mean for it to end up like this. I just wanted to teach him a lesson for ruining the whole of my life. I thought mum and him were happy, they never seemed to show any aggression or anger. Obviously that wasn't the case. I really hate dad's "new" women she's really snotty and up-tight she has dad round her little finger, it's as though he's at her beck-n-call like he's her slave or something. And as for Chris and Tony I hate them so much. I'd grown up being an only child now having to share my dad I did not like one bit. I am beginning to wish I'd told the truth then I still might have my dad, but he can never forgive me now. ...read more.


I walked into my room and I removed my towelling robe and hung it behind my door. Then I turned round and dad was standing there. He looked evil, not at all like my dad. He stood up and..." I started to panic to panic now, I then caught sight of dad eyes to eyes focus to focus. I began to think how can I do this how can I lie I knew I could never get rid of my guilt it would haunt me for the rest of my life. "In your own time. Miss Davies" said the Judge with an understanding in his voice. I could feel the3 centre of my palms hot, sweaty and sticky. I clasped my hands together. I could feel tears forcing their way through my eyes but I managed to hold them back. " He stood up and grabbed my wrist, his grip was so strong I just couldn't fight him off as much as I wanted to I just couldn't. He threw me onto the bed with such force I banged my head. I must have blacked out cause all I can remember was waking up running to the bathroom, and being violently sick." ...read more.


The Judge came over cross and disturbed to think that anyone any Father could commit an assault towards his own daughter. "The sentence for Mr Davies crime of assaulting another human being 8 years imprisonment.!" The look on dad's face was unforgettable. I couldn't come to terms with what had just happened. I hated myself, and I'm sure he hated me I then got a quick word and a glimpse to dad before they dragged him to the world of hell! All that came to me was "sorry." He then replied with a look that made me feel disgusted with myself and my actions." I have NO daughter." I now knew he could never forgive me until the day he dies. I burst out of the courtroom with a scream so loud, it felt as though my ears were bleeding. I am standing next to dad now. Everyone's here all the family, he is as silent as a mouse, he doesn't say a word. I look at him and I feel the guilt and the pain. I try to speak to him, I get no reply. He's lying peacefully in a bed made of silk. How can I ever tell him I'm sorry, today he was meant to come home. Still no answer he's gone! English Coursework Original Writing Ms Hardy Zoe Pattemore 10CCR ...read more.

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