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Everyone in the world is equal - Racisim

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Everyone in the world is equal Racism is a subject that is of great importance and unfortunately takes place in many, if not all societies. Racism is a word that insinuates a world of hatred, oppression and violence. It is a simple six letter word that has opened the doors of great devastations witnessed by the eyes of history. Racism disagrees with our ideas and beliefs that we, humans are all equal, where no member of one race is superior to a member in another and that a man's ethnicity, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin should not impair him to the enjoyment of his human rights and fundamental freedoms. The phenomena of racism and racial discrimination are widespread all over the world from Europe to Australia and from America to the Middle-East. ...read more.


and fast food restaurants (McDonalds) to fizzy drinks (Coca-Cola) are often boycotted. After the terrible acts of September 11 there has been an outpouring of violent racial hatred by a minority of people in Western countries against people that look Middle Eastern. Another racial painting of our time is the painting of the Palestinian people, an image that was imprinted ninety years ago by Balfour's Declaration which promised to build a state for Jews in Palestine; a state on Palestinian home land. In 1948, the Palestinian people turned into refugees, with no country of their own. From then until this day...they are still suffering and begging for self-determination and for Zionist racism to stop. Now let's just think of how much better the world will be if Racist ideologies are discredited from the minds, hearts and souls of people around the world. ...read more.


We should have the dignity of respecting people for who they are, not offending them with racial remarks and not imposing our beliefs onto them. A liberal environment where people embrace each other rather than shunning one another can be encouraged through schooling that promotes tolerance, controlling the internet, impeding it from becoming the breeding ground for sites which harbour hate. Instead, it should be the mechanism for holding global conferences to discuss and obstruct racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and prejudice. In conclusion, I believe that we should all work on creating a world where Martin Luther King's dream is fulfilled, the dream of a world where every man will respect the dignity and worth of each human being. A world where there is only one race; the human race. A world where everyone is equal! 660 words ...read more.

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