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Evident throughout the entire plot of 'Enduring Love', Ian McEwan fuses three different genres: love story, detective story and thriller

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"Enduring Love gracefully bridges genres" ....Discuss Evident throughout the entire plot of 'Enduring Love', Ian McEwan fuses three different genres: love story, detective story and thriller. Each genre I believe has a set of expectations that captures the reader urging them to read on, for example a thriller genre would stereotypically be led by a fast, tense pace with characters easily identifiable as 'goodies' and 'baddies'. Different, fresh and 'novel' McEwan establishes his break up of typical genres as he mixes the elements of the three main genres and purposely doesn't stick to their rigid framework that many authors swear by. It is however important to assess to what extent that McEwan successfully combines these genres and how effective his method is. During the exposition of 'Enduring Love', McEwan attempts to "entice the reader into making that commitment" creating an "addictive quality" which I believe he does so by incorporating several stylistic devices, flowing from one to the other throughout the entire of the first chapter. Focusing particularly on the action of the event Joe is describing, McEwan incorporates parts of the romance genre and the detective story, switching from one to the other frequently. ...read more.


It is clear by the context of this chapter and it's escalating pace throughout that the thriller genre is manifested, "when the door snapped open....momentarily silhouetting figure who stood in the doorway". Expressing this thriller genre throughout chapter 21 and 22 McEwan intends to create much anticipation and anxiety in which Joe goes to find the gun to protect himself and Clarissa from Jed. However I do not believe that this genre fits effectively with the rest of the book as Joe as a character is demonstrated to be extremely logical; radical and in control of his emotions especially in the presence of Jed. "I've met you once before and I can tell you now that I have no feelings for you either way...". During scene 21 and 22 in the midst of the 'thriller genre' I don't believe that Joe's character in reality would react the way he did and take such extreme action, "I aimed at his right side, away from Clarissa...seemed to wipe out all other senses, and the room flashed like a blank screen". I therefore do not feel that McEwan gracefully bridged the thriller genre into his book but this is not due to lack of his methods but more the way he uses his characters to interpret this genre. ...read more.


Finally Jed's condition also effects Clarissa psychologically as she questions her trust in Joe and whether or not she actually believes what he is telling her. "Don't get angry with me, Joe. You didn't see his face, and he wasn't in the square". To conclude, I believe that it is correct to state that "Enduring Love gracefully bridges genres", as McEwan intervenes from one genre to another successfully without a break up in the plot. The only exception of this is, I believe is the chapter in which the 'thriller' genre is introduced as I believe that it is out of character for Joe to go such an extreme and this is the only part of the book that I felt I was not a part of, as McEwan failed to engage me fully with the lack of realism. It could however be argued that this was McEwan's intention to alienate this chapter to depict the message that it is possible for anyone, however radical and intelligent to take such extreme actions under the 'given circumstances' and the pressures that Joe faced. ?? ?? ?? ?? Katie Jackson 12MH ...read more.

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