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Evil Spirits

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Evil Spirits A number of years ago, as a poor student, I was renting the top 2 floors of a house with 7 other school friends. We thought ourselves lucky to get the house for such a low rent, plus all utilities paid for. With eleven of us, we each paid about $75.00 a month. The house had its fair share of windows facing east and west, so it should be a brightly lit house in the daytime, but, somehow, the house was always rather dark and dim. We could never figure this out. Often at night, we'd hear bumps and creaks; we always put it down as the old 100-125 year old Victorian style house settling down until one night... It was a Friday night, just around spring, exams were done with, and winter was almost over. We were all really overjoyed and happy. We felt that we did well in our exams. That evening, six of us went to the movies, had dinner. After the dinner, we headed home. The celebration continued. We were drinking coke; some of the guys were drinking beer. We were all laughing and joking in the kitchen, when we heard the door open, and footsteps coming up the stairs. ...read more.


The lights went back to the way they were before. There was no one but us in the kitchen. After that point, the conversation on the dinner table was "Why did Rich yell out?" and "How soon do we move out?" Rich swore that he felt someone grab his throat, squeezing it etc... Eventually, we decided to stay on, the rent was very cheap, and we couldn't afford anything higher. Besides, we were good friends who didn't really want to Part Company. Most of us were from the same town, etc.... The next day, we had to call an ambulance for Rich who had suddenly developed a dangerously high fever overnight. At the hospital, Rich was diagnosed with throat cancer. A very strange thing as he didn't smoke and there was no history of cancer in his family. The fever was not explained, the doctors did not know what caused it as it went away soon after he was admitted. Rich was hospitalized for about 2 weeks. Sometime after the first 3 days, Rich decided that he didn't want us to visit anymore and had arranged for his things to be packed and moved to a storage facility until he gets out of the hospital. ...read more.


It really gave us the creeps. The landlord took one look at the walls, turned pale and refused to come into the house. His wife ranted and raved all the way through the house though. She wanted the police to charge us with destruction of property, etc. Her husband, normally a quiet man, glared at her and told her in a rather loud voice to shut up. Surprisingly she did...for a while. As the landlord, with his wife yelling and nagging at him all the way into their house, the older police officer gave us a weak smile and mentioned that many years ago once, in the late 1800s a man and his wife who drank rather heavily lived in the house we rented. One night, they got a call, the couple, in a drunken fit, had killed their children and the husband's mother, after which, the husband killed the wife as they were fighting, stuffed the bodies into the closets, and hung himself. Apparently, the police frequently got calls from people who had lived in that house about intruders that weren't there. The police officer had grown up a few blocks away, and he mentioned that he has never known the house to be occupied by any family for more than a year at a time, or less. We were in the house for about 2 months. Tasneem Moledeena 11GO ...read more.

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