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EVOLUTION - short story

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EVOLUTION It was the first day of the year 2009. It was a dull Monday morning in Springfield again, and Jimmy was reluctant to go to school because he remembered he had Mr. Fisher in a double biology lesson, he was really bored with Mr. Fisher's lesson they were uninteresting. Jimmy's mom, Lynda shouted for Jimmy and told him to come down for breakfast and make sure he does not miss the school bus - as he usually does. Jimmy came down the stairs and dragged his feet towards the kitchen for something to eat before he set off, but it was too late, he saw his school bus parking up in front of his house ready to beep its horn, but before it could do that he opened the door said good-bye to his mom and jumped onto the bus. Lynda nodded her head in disgrace because she didn't think sending her son to school with an empty stomach would do them any good. Jimmy believes the same thing but not that it was unhealthy, but the fact that he had to ready for Mr. Fisher's double period. Jimmy got onto the bus, he looked around and everyone from his class seemed to be excited about something, but he didn't know what. "Jimmy!" shouted his best friend, Steve. "Have you heard? Today we are going to have a new biology teacher!" exclaimed Steve. Jimmy couldn't believe it; he didn't know what to say. "Are you sure?" confirmed Jimmy. Steve replied, "If you don't believe me you can ask any one on the bus! They have all heard the news too!" Jimmy looked around the bus, and every one else looked astonished and overwhelmed with the news too, so Jimmy believed him. It was usual for this to happen, especially when Mr. Fisher had been teaching at Springfield Elementary school for over five years. ...read more.


He was arrested yesterday because he was spreading confidential information on cross-breeding in which you learnt about yesterday from him. If any of you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them", announced Mr. Carlton. Everyone was quiet they couldn't believe what they were hearing, especially Steve, he really looked gutted. He raised his hand - he wanted to ask a question. "Mr. Carlton, nothing Prof. Keith taught yesterday seemed to be classified information to me", asked Steve "Your right Steve, nothing was wrong yesterday but if he was here today he would have been sharing the top secret information with you and the police stopped him before he could have done that", answered Carlton. Time flew, before we knew it, it was the end for lesson. Mr. Carlton dismissed the class to lunch. On the way the class seemed disappointed about what had happened to out new biology teacher. Steve seemed really gutted he was beginning to enjoy the teachers teaching. Jimmy was also terribly upset, he wanted to see what happens when you cross-breed to animals together. Jimmy couldn't wait he had to try it himself, he wanted to see what would happen. He discussed it over lunch with Steve, "How would you like to observe cross-breeding in action, Steve?" asked Jimmy, "I would love it jimmy. Why, who's doing it?" replied Steve, "WE ARE!" yelled Jimmy in excitement. Steve looked cheerful and excited. Jimmy felt good with himself because he had just cheered his best friend up and at the same time he done something he wanted to do. Jimmy told Steve to meet at his house at five O clock that same day, so they could talk about their small experiment then. That same day Steve came over to Jimmy's house at exact five O clock. They wanted to keep their experimentation a secret, so they talked in the shed. ...read more.


Jimmy thought to himself 'What have I done?' he couldn't do anything about it. On top of that they also had Prof. Keith arrested for suspicion behind the experiment, he never looked surprised; he was probably expecting this to happen anyway. As months went on these creatures were evolving extremely fast and everyone thought they would slowly take over the world? They didn't seem like friendly creatures at all. Many people had been killed from the creatures and the FBI was planning to get rid of them by shooting at them all. Unfortunately they tried it but nothing happens to the creatures. Within four months these creatures had invaded all north parts of the world. And were build spectacular homes out of mud and other raw materials too. Six months later it was time for the human race to evacuate down into the south regions be because all the monsters were working their way down, it seemed like they would take over the world for definite. Two years later there was hardly anyone else left on his earth everyone was hiding in underground cellars etc with very little food supplies. Steve and jimmy had been staying together and thinking how to stop them and try to start the human race again. Jimmy came up with an idea, he said "Why don't we go out into the outside and see how they react to us. Steve thought it was a very stupid thing to do but he would give it a try anyway. They went out to see all the creatures doing their own thing. The creatures saw Steve and Jimmy standing there. The creatures came towards them and fell onto their knees. Jimmy was flabbergasted. He didn't know what to do. "We have been looking all over the land for O master jimmy", said Jimmy's creation "We have also been looking all over for you too O master Steve", said Steve's creation. They both looked at each other and smiled and realized what they had become in the eyes of there beasts. The movie ended and said, to be continued... Words: 3,100 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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