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Exam Stoker's presentation of women in Dracula.

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Avita Pro Fide English Essay on Dracula Daniel Malone Exam Stoker's presentation of women in Dracula. In your answer you should consider... 1. To what degree do women conform to social norms 2. Archetypes 3. How the language is sexually charged 4. Their importance to the narrative Mina and Lucy both represent very respectable upper-middle class women of the time, and play a very prominent role throughout the novel. Despite this, Mina is clearly more heroic than Lucy and can be seen as she outlives Dracula and is praised for her strong personality. It is clear in the novel that in order for Dracula to enter a building, or to have any relationship with a person/character, that he must be welcomed before he can act. As a result, it can be said that Mina is actually stronger than Lucy, as she resists Dracula to a larger extent. When Lucy is bitten, she finds it hard to sleep, and becomes restless in the nights as Mina observes. ...read more.


The fact that Dracula targets such women of class shows that he has taste, and does not settle for anything less than the best. It is clear that Dracula shows taste, because when he has to travel over the oceans, he settles for the men on board the ship. As a result of Dracula's focus on women, the novel becomes more horrific. It is understandable that Dracula has taste, and beautiful women are preferable to men, but the fact that Stoker decides to use women instead of men suggests that he is trying to add a sense of disgust to Dracula, and help us to develop a hatred for the character, since some of the information can seem quite sympathetic and want us to side Dracula. Another reason for the preferred use of women as to men is because in reality, women have power over men. Dracula use the male weakness of women against the brother hood/band of brothers. ...read more.


Also, it is not clear if Mina and Jonathan have actually fully consummated their marriage, since at the ceremony Jonathan was almost fatally ill. This scene suggests to some that Mina may have been partly willing and attracted to Dracula since she has not yet consummated her marriage with her husband. Earlier in the Jonathans journal, Stoker writes a very erotic passage including three female vampires. It seems that both sexes of the vampire race become more beautiful as they quench their first, it's almost as if they are renewing their youth. Their lips become more lusciously red and their teeth become sharp and shiny. Further, it says "she actually licked her lips like an animal, till I could see in the moonlight the moisture shining on her scarlet lips". In this passage, Jonathan, who is clearly loyal to his fianc�, is tempted by the vampires and is teased to the extent that he becomes a willing participant before Dracula enters and the theme changes. This is clear when it says, "There was deliberate voluptuousness, which was both thrilling and repulsive". ...read more.

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