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Examination Day.

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I woke up, the first thing that came to my mind was that it was my birthday. I'm thirteen today, I am a teenager. Excitement was running through my bones whilst I was getting my head around the fact I am a teenager. I had been waiting for this day for at least five whole months. I sat on the edge of my bed for a little while thinking about my parent's reaction when I revealed my face downstairs. Only one way to find out I whispered to my self. I slowly tiptoed downstairs so my parents were unable to hear me. I went toward the kitchen where I could hear both of my parents. My mum was at the sink washing the dishes while dad was drinking a cup of tea. I glanced to my mum then towards my dad. Mum looked at me and said, "Good morning Ikhlas, shall I make you some breakfast?" I stood still on the spot for about ten seconds. Thinking to my self that this was not the reaction that I expected to receive. I sat down on to the dining table and told my mum that I do not want breakfast, I am not that hungry I said to my mum in a miserable voice. ...read more.


"Where bouts are we going dad," I questioned my dad. My dad did not say anything for about ten seconds was just quiet looking ahead whilst driving. "We are going to a government building where you will have a few tests. Nothing to worry about every one has them," replied my dad. "There is nothing to worry about," my mum said in a reassuring voice. I started to think to my self about why my parents decide to tell me about these so called tests now why could they not have told me before. I was wondering could this be the reason for my parents acting so strangely. We approached this newly and very well built building. I would say about fifty floors high. The windows were so shiny that I could see the reflection of the sky. Dad parked the car in the car park whilst I was still looking at the building in amazement. I had never send a building that was built that well. My dad turned back and explained, "When you go inside we will sit in a cue, when your name will be called, this person will come and collect you and take you in a room. ...read more.


I put it down. The man was looking through the file and asked me, "So you are a bright boy" I did not reply, I stayed quiet. He passed me this paper which had some questions on it. Just general knowledge questions like 'how old would you be if you were 20X5 years younger than 555' nothing that hard. I was one of the best at maths in my school this should be no problem. I had done the whole test with in a minute. I was thinking to my self what, was all the worry about, that was easy. The man marked the test I got a glimpse I looked like I got most of them right. The man who had a mischievous glare in his eyes picked his phone up which was near the top corner of his desk and he dialled 333 and said in a deep voice, "He has to go he is to clever." I was thinking to my self what was he talking about, just then he took this gun out and shot straight at my head. By the time I found out what he was trying to do he shot me. I every thing went jet black, it reminded me of the carpet and I felt a head bang on to a hard surface. 1 ...read more.

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