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Examine Carefully The Relationship Between Juliet And Her Parents. To What Extent Do You Think It Is The Most Important Factor In The Final Tragic Outcome Of The Play?

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Examine Carefully The Relationship Between Juliet And Her Parents. To What Extent Do You Think It Is The Most Important Factor In The Final Tragic Outcome Of The Play? Juliet's relationship with her parents in my opinion, is the main factor in the final tragic outcome. The relationship between Juliet and her parents was not the only factor that caused her death. There were other reasons. The main person that Juliet quarrels with is Capulet. He is Juliet's father. Capulet is head of the family. He is a very hypocritical man and this is one thing that is shown throughout the book. A very good example of this is when he is talking to Paris and says, "My will to her content is but a part". He is saying that if someone wants to marry Juliet then you will have to get her heart as well as his word. Paris does not get her heart though, and Capulet later shows hypocrisy by first saying ' My will to her content is but a part'. Then Later Capulet says' To go with Paris to Saint Peter's Church, or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither'. ...read more.


Juliet's mother Lady Capulet also has many arguments with Juliet. Lady Capulet is very different to Capulet. Lady Capulet is a lot more diplomatic in the way that she goes about doing things. She adopts a different approach to Juliet. Instead of speaking without thinking she is very friendly to start with, but when Juliet starts to disagree she begins to show her aggression. An example of this is 'tell me daughter Juliet, how stands your dispositions to be married?' When she does not get the answer she wants from Juliet, Lady Capulet's attitude changes and she angrily asks 'speak briefly; can you like of Paris love?' Lady Capulet seems to be scared of Capulet. This is shown when Juliet says she does not want to marry Paris and Lady Capulet says 'Here comes your father tell him yourself'. Lady Capulet is scared to tell Capulet herself. When there is an argument between Juliet and Capulet, she takes the side of Capulet as she does not want to upset him. She is not always arguing with Juliet. Before Juliet poisons herself, she is speaking politely to Lady Capulet. Juliet I think is quite fond of her mother because she gives her a polite farewell before poisoning herself.'Farewell.God Knows when we shall meet again'. ...read more.


All throughout the book Juliet only has one choice and that is her parent's choice. Juliet is not allowed to think for herself. Juliet does think for herself thought. She knows that she cannot disagree with her parents. The way that you can tell this is because Juliet tries to avoid arguments as much as possible. This is why she uses words and phrases with double meanings and is able to lie to them. This is Juliet's way of avoiding confrontation. Though there are still many confrontations. The above account shows that Juliet's relationship with her parents was not a very good one. Juliet is not able to make any choices of her own. Juliet is always getting ordered around by Capulet. Juliet fears to say her feelings to her parents, knowing if she tells her Parents about Romeo she will be killed. If Lady Capulet and Capulet were more open to her views and trusted her more and did not stop her making her own decisions there would have been no tragic outcome. Juliet would not have to sneak behind her parents' back, which caused the tragic outcome. If Juliet had a more honest and open relationship with her parents' there would have been no tragic ending resulting in two deaths. ...read more.

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