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Examine how Shakespeare presents love in a veriety of forms in Romeo & Juliet. Conside how different characters interpret the meaning of love and importance of love.

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The Theme Of Love In Romeo And Juliet * Examine how Shakespeare presents love in a veriety of forms in Romeo & Juliet. Conside how different characters interpret the meaning of love and importance of love. 'Romeo and Juliet', is a very popular Shakespearean play because we can see five different types of love in it. These include; Courtly Love, Sexual Love, Dutiful Love, True Love and Parental Love. All of these types of love occur in the play and we see how different characters think differently about them. The first love that we encounter in the play is Courtly Love, and another word for this love is Petrarcham Love. It is a love that does not lost long, and we see it when we are introduced to Romeo and the Courtly Love exists between himself and his crush, Rosaline. Romeo keeps on saying to Rosaline that he loves her 'passionately' but the truth is that he is just in love with the idea of being in love. His friends, Benvolio and Mercutio do not help him at all with the situation because they tease him and he has to deal with this on top of all of his problems. ...read more.


She got married at a young age and even had children. She wants Juliet to be a reflection of her. We sympathize for Paris at the end because he died trying to defend Juliet and he was rewarded for this by being placed next to her in the grave. Another type of love that we see in this play is Sexual Love. This type of love gets the person attracted to the physical form of the individual. We can first see this when Romeo goes to the Capulet's masquerade. It is somewhat surprising how quickly Romeo falls in love with Juliet at first sight, because just a few minutes before he was love sick for Rosaline. At first it seems that what he feels for Juliet is infatuation. 'O she doth teach the torches to turn bright. It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night as a rich jewel in an Eihiop's ear! Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight, for I ne'er saw true beauty till this night! '. Sexual love is also seen in the first scene when Paris was commenting on Juliet. ...read more.


We witnessed this when Romeo was exiled and still broke into Verona just to see and save her. This was extremely dangerous because if he would have been caught, he would have been murdered. When you look back at all the deaths in the play, you see that Romeo or Julet had something to do with it. Even Romeo killing Juliet's cousin Tybalt could not seperate or stop the love between Romeo and Juliet. They still stuck together after all of the troubles that they went through. Finally in this play we see that love is not always good, it brought together many unnecessary problems, it led to disapointment and even death. It made Romeo and Juliet consider suicide because they though that it was not going to work out in the end. Even though love brought all these bad things to the play, it did bring some good at the end. The tension between the Capulets And Montagues was finally restored and both families decided that all the fighting that had happened was pointless. It is a shame that it took the death of two lovers to restore peace in Verona because if there was no tension between the Capulets and The Montagues, then there would not have been this much hassle. Daniel Herbert 2 ...read more.

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