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Examine how the character of Proctor changes throughout the play.

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During the course of the play " The Crucible" Proctor seems to be going through many different stages. Proctor, a farmer in his middle thirties, begins as being very powerful but can be untruthful. His character rapidly changes into a man that's become a strong believer in his religion and what is right and ends up sacrificing his life for his beliefs. At the beginning we do not get the full profile of Proctor, but by the end of Act One his character does become clearer to the reader. Proctor is a very short-tempered person, and has power over many women. This is shown by the following quote "I'll show you a great do in on your arse one of these days." He says this to Mary-a young servant girl. This obviously shows how over powering John Proctor can be to women. I think that Proctor is short tempered because he feels that he has to show others that he is powerful, so he does this by using threats, especially to woman, but in those times this was appropriate. During winter, when his wife Elizabeth Procter was sick, Proctor had an affair with his servant Abigail Williams, Parris's niece. ...read more.


Is the accuser always holy now?...I'll tell you what's walking Salem- vengeance is walking Salem...I'll not give my wife to vengeance." When Proctor says this he is extremely angry. I think that through his anger he shows his consideration and his interest of saving his wife and making his feelings more visible and vivid. I believe that Proctor wants to stop the trials and wants to speak up for his wife, to show Elizabeth that she is of great importance to him. However I think that Proctor sees the situation far more clearly than the others in Salem This is partly because he was once involved with Abigail, and as Abigail is in connection with witchcraft, he does seem to know what Abigail's intentions are. Proctor feels that Abigail is trying to kill his wife out of jealousy. As the play progresses in the court, Proctor becomes more open, as there comes a point where he has to confess about his affair with Abigail. The start of his confession is shown by the following quote "I have known her Sir, I have known her." For Proctor to confess this in front of the court was truly hard, as he found confessing to Elizabeth difficult. ...read more.


Proctor's character cannot be put into a certain category. This is because his character is always changing. I presume that the "Crucible" is a metaphor of a heated cauldron. It seems as if Arthur Miller has put every character into their own cauldron, by having their own tough and heated situation. Proctor comes out of his crucible as a strong believer in his religion, and more considerate towards others. Proctor wanted to prove this, and he does so by sacrificing his life. Is your garden area tidy? Tally Yes No Do you ever use your garden as a peaceful place to be in? Tally Yes No Are you interested in gardening? Tally Yes No Is nature attracted to your garden? Tally Yes No Do you like birds? Tally Yes No Do you live in an area where birds come and visit regularly? Tally Yes No Would you ever purchase a bird table or anything that would attract birds to your garden? Tally Yes No Do you think your garden environment needs to be improved? Tally Yes No What material would you prefer to be in your garden environment? Tally Oak Walnut Pine Mahogany Plywood What kinds of birds visit your garden? Tally Sparrows Crows Magpies Blackbirds Pigeons What colours do you prefer in your garden? Tally Earthy Warm Cold What would you prefer in your garden? Tally Bird table Bird Box Bird feeder ...read more.

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