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Examine how the theme of isolation and the supernatural are explored in 'The signalman', 'The Superstitious mans story' and 'The Dream Woman'

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Examine how the theme of isolation and the supernatural are explored in 'The signalman', 'The Superstitious mans story' and 'The Dream Woman' The way in which pre 1914 stories use the social history of the time to create mesmerizing reading involves the writers focusing on isolation, superstition and different themes. They use the themes to grip the readers and make them continue reading. The writers use this as these thoughts and ideas they were related to their readers and the things they knew about. All three writers use the idea of isolation to keep the audience curious and reading on. Firstly in 'The Signalman' isolation is represented in the way the signalman was all alone. His job made him have visions and these made him mentally unstable. When the visitor enters the signal box and the signalman imagines that this was yet another vision. "In my turn I stepped back. But In making the action, I detected in his eyes some latent fear of me". This shows how he feared someone who he had never seen before. It also shows how he was alone and continually felt that he was isolated. This was what the job would have been like for an isolated signalman of this time period. ...read more.


Showing the unity of the people of that time period. 'The Dream Woman' also follows the trend that the other stories have set. This is that they are typical of the time period in where they are set. "I had not been settled much more than six weeks in my country practice, when I was sent to a neighbouring town." This quote shows that once again a rural setting is being used. The setting of all three stories contains very similar features and the reader of the time could relate to this. The way in which the characters are presented makes the audience feel a certain way about the character. In 'The Signalman' there are few main characters. These are: The Signalman, Visitor (Narrator) and the spectre. The Signalman is a lonely character who is very cut off from his family and his hometown and therefore cannot make any friends. Visitor is the narrator who enters and is then thought of as another spectre to the signalman. Spectre a vision or ghost that tries to scare the signalman who makes him so confused, he is killed. There is a brilliant twist which makes the audience realise at the end what has happened. ...read more.


This quote also shows the way in which the mother writes everything down as she feels that it is very important to the future of her child's life. This proves to be vital in the ending of the story. In this final paragraph I will summarise the message that the writers are trying to portray to the reader. 'The Signalman' attempts to show that technology is advancing and the way in which many jobs are being created. It also shows a slight amount of superstition and the way in which they try to portray ghosts. Its reader would be able to relate to the change that Britain was going through at the time. 'Superstitious man's story' also puts the message across that superstition was a major part of life in the 19th century. It also put across the message that people in the 19th century judged instantly and were very close and united. It makes the reader consider the different possibilities to things that happen everyday. It makes other people think about superstition and how normal events can be turned into anything. 'The Dream woman' puts the message across that again superstition is major part of life and that everybody was united in the way in which they lived. It also show how family stuck together in the past. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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