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Examine howArthur miller uses the play format to influence the audiences feelings towardsEddie

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Examine how Arthur miller uses the play format to influence the audiences feelings towards Eddie The play 'A view from the bridge' was written in 1955 by Arthur Miller; a man who's play was heavily influenced by the work and lives in the communities of dockworkers and longshoremen. This play examines individuals, characters like Eddie, and their responsibilities and position in society. In addition, Miller also reveals to the audience a meaningful understanding way of how Eddie thinks, acts and behaves to his surroundings. While doing this, he also portrays a different perspective of what family and Italian culture is like, based on his own past experiences with Italian immigrants. It is this, which dramatizes the themes of conflict, betrayal, love and obsession. The American immigration system at the time was at its peak and due to the 'American dream' many were illegal. Arthur Miller's play was influenced by this immigration system in America as he had heard stories and personal experiences involving illegal immigrants. ...read more.


Miller uses this repeated interruption, which happens towards the opening of the play, to show how early on tension is evident in Eddie and Beatrice's marriage therefore showing Eddie to be considerate. The first characters Miller presents to the audience are Catherine and Eddie. At first we see Eddie to be quite an overprotective father who sees the naivety of Catherine and tries to explain to her the fact that she's, "Getting to be a big girl, you got to keep yourself more, can't be so friendly". Eddie still sees her as a "baby" as does not seem to be able to handle the fact that she is growing up and wants to be noticed by boys. Catherine's character is presented to the audience as happy and confident, but maybe a bit forward. Eddie sees the craving of attention when she is "walking wavy" like she is selling her body to the opposite sex. ...read more.


This dialogue highlights Eddie's character as being very demanding and uncompromising. The final paragraph uses poetic language and Alfieri says it in an emotional tone. Alfieri shows some admiration in his ending speech for Eddie, "I will love him more than all my sensible clients." Alfieri admires Eddie as his heart was in the right place and he didn't settle for half. This last speech influences the audience into thinking that throughout the play Eddie had always been loyal and decent to his family. Eddie Carbonne is a prime example of a tragic hero, as he was an honest man who nurtured and raised an orphan and gave a home to illegal immigrants. He had a fatal flaw, which, combined with other negative characteristics such as stubbornness and selfishness, led to his downfall. His death was an indirect result of his own actions, and he would have stayed alive had he not incestuously loved his niece, and tried to stop then getting married. Eddie allowed himself to be open with his personality as he portrayed his whole character in the play, from kindness to cowardness. ...read more.

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