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Examine Shakespeare's presentation of the three main women characters in "Romeo and Juliet".

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Examine Shakespeare's presentation of the three main women characters in "Romeo and Juliet". The play of "Romeo and Juliet" is a story of murder; love feuding and betrayal brought to the audience through two young lovers. Throughout the play the main focus is on Juliet as she is the heroine of the book and we follow her through the story, other than Juliet the most entertaining characters within the play are Lady Capulet, Who is Juliet's mother and a typical upper-class lady of the time, and The Nurse, who brought Juliet up from birth. These three women together create a lot of excitement and interest during the play. The first time in the play we find the three main women characters together is Act 1 Scene 3 when Lady Capulet comes to tell Juliette and her Nurse of the marriage of Juliet to Paris. This is the first time we can see the contrast of their status and personalities on the stage at once. The three ladies have a substantial difference and contrast and could bring out different sides of each other. Our first meeting is at a very formal occasion, of Lady Capulet informing Juliet she is going to be wed. ...read more.


Juliet seems to be the centre of the nurse's world; she even uses Juliet's life as a calendar for other events which have happened and uses pet names for her such as "lamb" "ladybird" and "Jule" this shows how strong the relationship between the nurse and Juliet would have been. She also uses reference to her own baby and her husband who have died, this could of lead to her becoming even more close to Juliet because she would have no family of her own to care for and love so she would give all of her affection to Juliet as if she was her own child. The nest time we see the three main female characters together is in act 3 scene 5. A lot happens in during the middle section of the play between the Montague and Capulet families. Romeo and Juliet get married in secret helped by the nurse. Tybalt kills Mercutio Leading to Romeo Killing Tybalt. After this Romeo is banned from Verona, just after his wedding night with Juliet he leaves her, not knowing this would be the last time he see's her alive again. Lady Capulet enters just after Romeo had left her, Shakespeare creates great imagery through Lady Capulet in this scene, phrases such as "Wash him from his grave with tears" would create images in the audiences mind. ...read more.


When the Nurse curses her own heart and soul, Juliet now endorses this "Amen" and then pretends she has been comforted by the Nurse, and tells her she has gone to "make confession" and be absolved. This is the first time that Juliet lies to the Nurse and as the nurse leaves she reflects angrily to the nurse as "ancient damnation! O Wicked friend!" Having already been disowned by her parents she now wants her relationship with the nurse to end. "Thou and my boson henceforth shall be twain" and she is totally alone. The end of the scene sees Juliet starting to think about killing herself if the Friar cannot sort out her problems, she must very be sad. Through the whole play these three characters bring most of the entertainment to the play. Through scenes of both love and tragedy these characters relationships have changed, from being a close family to now, Juliet being disowned and now not having a good relationship with the Nurse. Juliet had changed from being a shy, innocent young girl, to an independent young woman who no longer depends so much upon the Nurse, who stands up for herself. The nurse has gone from a loud bawdy character to a slightly more withdrawn lady, and Lady Capulet has gone from being distant from her daughter to disowning her daughter. ...read more.

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