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Examine some of the story telling techniques in the Sherlock Holmes stories, which are used to hold the attention of the reader

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Examine some of the story telling techniques in the Sherlock Holmes stories, which are used to hold the attention of the reader. How do the stories reflect the time in which they are written? Sherlock Holmes stories are mysteries. They are also short stories with only a limited amount of space and opportunity for the author to express himself. The whole narrative, or story, rests on the reader, through the person of Dr.Watson .We are seeing what's happening through Dr. Watson's eyes, we are piecing the clues together one at a time. The clues have to attract the reader; they have to make the reader want to read on. The pace of the story has to be sufficient to get the readers attention but the story still has to come to a climax. In all of the stories there is a moral ending. The good are rewarded and the evil punished, sometimes with a great jail sentence, as in 'The Red Headed League'. The stories reflect the time they are written in a variety of ways. In 1880, when these stories were written, Sherlock Holmes was a household name he was known worldwide. ...read more.


The physical descriptions and appearances of Helen Stoner reflect the terrible things that have happened to her. Dr. Roylott is shown to be a dangerous and violent man, with reference to his past in India, by what he does to the local blacksmith, how he behaves in Holmes's house, and the bruises on Miss Stoner's hand. Dr. Roylott keeps wild animals in his grounds which I think reflects his wild passions for unusual things. In 'Silver Blaze' the mysterious stranger Fitzory Simpson is used to put the reader off the scent he has a strange persona so most people would assume that he had something to do with the case. The gypsies are common to two of the stories .Gypsies have a bad reputation with people that don't know them so they are always perceived as the villains .They are suspected of both murder and robbery but in both cases they are innocent so Mr. Conan Doyle had put something in all three stories to put us of the scent of who had actually done the crime. In 'The Red-Headed League' there is a mysterious advertisement in a newspaper, followed by the interview and the strange nature of the job: copying out an Encyclopedia. ...read more.


Mr. Conan Doyle knows that if you keep building tension too much then all the suspense and, the tension its self is lost. So what he does is to slowly build the tension up and then he releases some of it gradually. He then builds it up again to get it to the perfect climax. The final explanation given by Holmes to Watson serves as a chance for the reader to understand the mystery. In 'The Speckled Band' the final details are given to Watson, and therefore to us, as they travel home from Stoke Moran the day after the terrible death of Dr. Roylott. In 'Silver Blaze' Holmes travels to London on the Pullman with Watson and Colonel Ross. During the journey from Winchester to London, he explains what really happened the night that Starker was murdered. 'The Red-Headed Gang' is different because much of the explanation has already been given during the story. But at the conclusion Holmes and Watson talk 'over a glass of whisky and soda in Baker Street'. Holmes takes pride in the fact that he foiled 'one of the most daring coolest criminals in London'. Conan Doyle's style of writing is classic he immediatly grips the reader, by using different techniques to engage the reader. He uses a different yet very clever and cunning style of writing. ...read more.

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