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Examine the character of lord capulet

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Examine the character of Lord Capulet. Is the audience surprised by his violent outburst against Juliet in Act III, Scene 5 or do we expect this reaction? They play Romeo and Juliet, was written by William Shakespeare in 1594/5. It was set in Verona about 100 years before 1594. In this time fathers were the sole provider for the family and their children were their possessions especially daughters and they are to do as they are told and obey their fathers at all costs. In act III Scene 5 Juliet refuses to marry Paris, he insults her he says "Out you green-sickness carrion! Out, you baggage! You tallow-face!" he also says "Hand thee, Young baggage, disobedient wretch!" he threatens that if she doesn't marry Paris he will disown her and never talk to her again. ...read more.


In act I scene 5 a the Capulet feast, Tybalt sees Romeo and wants to fight him to get him out of the party but Lord Capulet says that he must not do that. He says this because if there is a fight in his home the blame will be put on him, he says that "Verona brags of him To be a virtuous and well-governed youth." This means that people of Verona speak highly of Romeo and as he has done nothing wrong he should be left alone. But Tybalt doesn't like this and he tries to question his authority so Lord Capulet insults him when he says "Goodman boy" this means he says Tybalt is not yet a gentleman but still a boy. This shows the audience that when someone questions Lord Capulet's authority he get angry and insults people this helps the audience prepare for what happens in Act III Scene 5 its and omen of what's to come. ...read more.


At this point in the play I think that the audience is most likely to sympathise with Juliet as the insults her father is throwing at her are very uncalled for. It is also possible to see where Lord Capulet is coming from and see why he behaves the way he does, He has lost Tybalt and he now feels like he is losing Juliet as she is disobeying him. I think that the audience should expect this reaction as you can tell what Lord Capulet is like for previous indicators in the play, I think some of the insults are shocking but he reaction could be expected, I think the historical setting of the play has something to do with the way Lord Capulet is portrayed, in the time which the play is set fathers rule their daughters so hi reaction in thet time is normal but because we don't understand or come from that time he reation is shocking. ...read more.

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