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'Examine the different views of love presented in Romeo and Juliet. In what way is the play about love in a richer sense than we might suppose?'

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Romeo and Juliet When we first think about Romeo and Juliet, we would think that the play is all about romantic, young lovers. After studying it, we seem to realize there is a lot more to Romeo and Juliet then first seems. It is a lot richer and explores many different kinds of love, not just a spiritual love between two people. These different kinds of love range from Courtly love to Bawdy love. Shakespeare opens the play by exploring Romeo's feelings for a woman called Rosaline. A speech in Act 1 Scene 1, demonstrates Romeo's feelings for her. The language he uses in particular is oxymorones, "brawling love"; "cold fire" and "sick health" reveal his feelings. Exclamation marks have been used a lot throughout Romeo's speech, showing emotion, and question marks showing confusion. Romeo is miserable when in love with Rosaline and seeks out the darkness during his "sad hours". He describes love to be a "smoke made with the fume of sighs", meaning that when in love, one is depressed, confused and unhappy. Romeo's friend, Mercutio, mocks Romeo's love for Rosaline, which causes the audience not to take the love earnestly. ...read more.


Shakespeare interestingly refers to the religious and physical side of the relationship, by referring to "saints" and the "tender kiss," the "hands" and the 'lips'. As the plot of Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy, there are lots of comic elements along the way. One of the things that people liked about "Romeo and Juliet" when it was first produced were the jokes. Mercutio talks about Rosaline in a lustful manner, and mentions her "scarlet lips" and "quivering thigh". This is because Mercutio has not yet experienced true love and only knows the physical love. Shakespeare includes an exploration of Bawdy love in the play to contrast with Romantic, which shows the importance of physical and spiritual element. The nurse and Mercutio are seen as the comic characters and give the play a sense of humour. When Lady Capulet confronts Juliet on the subject of marriage, the nurse becomes excited and enlightens Juliet that she will "bear the burden soon at night" which means that she will have sexual intercourse on her wedding night. Mercutio is also the type of character that is placed to humour and entertain the audience. ...read more.


For this reason when Juliet refuses to marry Paris, Lord Capulet's "fingers itch." Juliet is also torn with her love for the nurse, the Nurse advocates that Juliet focus on Paris and forget about Romeo. Juliet sends the Nurse away from her for the first time, which leaves Juliet completely alone to face the hostile world. When it comes to her true love towards her beloved Romeo, Juliet describes her feelings as "my husband on earth and my faith in heaven." Lord Capulet seems to love Juliet in the same way he loves his possessions. For example, he describes her as "baggage" and likens her to his horses. Later Capulet and Montague raise a "statue" in gold. However this is a sense of healing love in that the feud is over and there is a sense of healing between the two fathers when Lord Capulet says, "Give me your hand" to Lord Montague, and Lord Capulet and Lord Montague make friends. So Shakespeare explores love in a more varied way than the audience first expects. The play still relates to audiences today. Love is a universal feeling and the audience can find a type of love to respond to, be it for friends, love or family. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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